JC&A Blog | Meet Christie Muilenburg

JC&A Blog | Meet Christie Muilenburg

The decision to join JC&A comes about differently for each one of our team members. While some may spend months or even years deciding whether they are ready to take the next step in their careers, others are drawn to our family immediately. The latter was the case with Christie Muilenburg, a Project Manager at JC&A who felt an immediate connection to the JC&A family and knew right away that she had found her new home.


“JC&A was actually a last-minute recommendation to me by a local recruiter after I had already decided on another company in Boston,” Christie says. “I knew immediately after meeting with Jimmy, Chet and Dave that JC&A is where I needed to be.”


Christie, who joined JC&A one year ago as an Assistant Project Manager and was recently promoted to Project Manager, made the brave decision to move to Boston without knowing anyone in the area.  As such, she was able to find a particularly special kinship with her JC&A coworkers–many of whom have now become her first friends and family away from home. As a result, Christie’s team members are particularly important to her and a consistent reminder of why she continues to put her best foot forward every day.


“That’s essentially what “The JC&A Way” means to me–working hard for my team because they’re doing the same for me,” she explained. “It means providing the best experience possible for clients, coworkers and acquaintances, because I know firsthand that the relationships you make truly matter. It means going to work Monday-Friday knowing that I have the tools and support to be successful in this career.”


In addition to the close relationship Christie enjoys with her colleagues, her JC&A career has also consisted of other special moments. One example is her participation in the client interview for 880 Winter Street during her time as an Assistant Property Manager:


“It’s not often that an APM gets the opportunity to prepare for and partake in project interviews–especially for projects as large and complex as 880 Winter Street,” she said. “I would say it’s the proudest moment of my JC&A career so far, and I’m immensely grateful to the entire team for the effort and dedication they have for this project.”


For this reason, it comes as no surprise that Christie counts 880 Winter Street as among her favorite projects. Others include Enbridge and Acceleron, during which projects she worked with teams including Garrett Zetocha, Chet Braun, Steve Copeland, Chelsie Gilbert, Molly Gates, Ryan McDonald and Steve Gavin.


In addition to the outstanding work that Christie and her coworkers do, Christie is also particularly proud of JC&A’s philanthropic efforts.


“Our team puts a tremendous amount of thought and effort into the charities and events that JC&A continues to participate in,” she said. “JC&A encourages employees to contribute on a higher level than just donating money, and involvement comes from every level of the company. This makes a real difference in creating a work environment based on kindness and compassion.”

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