Get to Know Josh Lowe

Get to Know Josh Lowe

Josh’s Journey: From Guarding the Nation to Building Community


After the tragic events of 9/11, Josh made a bold decision to leave high school and join the National Guard, embodying the spirit of service to both community and country. His military journey has been marked by deep pride and active participation in various parades. Just this past Memorial Day, he honored his service by placing a wreath at the Operation Enduring Freedom Memorial in Holliston, MA.


Transitioning from the structured life of the National Guard, Josh faced a significant career challenge when he was laid off due to the construction company he was employed by going out of business. Despite attending several interviews, he struggled to find a place that resonated with him on a deeper level.


“It didn’t feel like family,” he recalls, reflecting on his initial job search. Weeks passed, and Josh began to feel the pressure to settle for a job offer that didn’t align with his long-term aspirations. Then came a pivotal call from a recruiter who convinced him to interview with J. Calnan & Associates (JC&A).


The interview with John Noone at JC&A was a turning point. “It felt more like a conversation between friends,” Josh remembers. This meeting, unlike his previous interviews, struck a chord with him. He sensed that JC&A could be the place where he wanted to build his career. By the following Monday, he had an offer from JC&A, which he gratefully accepted. “Best career move I have made by far,” he proudly states.


As a project superintendent for 5 years, Josh’s proudest moment came when he was honored for his dedication and hard work on the Amramp project during its grand opening ceremony in Randolph. Amramp CFO Anne Hayes raved about Josh, stating “Josh got it done with great pride and dedication and that’s something you don’t see every day.”  She also mentioned that the reason JC&A was hired was due to how well Josh interviewed for the project, and she’s glad she was right about him. 


One of Josh’s favorite JC&A traditions is Turkey Delivery Day, an event that embodies the company’s commitment to community and camaraderie. His enthusiasm for the company is also evident in his list of favorite projects, which includes N-ABLE, PAREXEL, National Grid Northborough, and Amazon Worcester. He also enjoys his time working at the shop with Mike Fleming.


When asked about the ethos of JC&A, Josh aligns it closely with the values he learned in the National Guard. “To me, it means to have pride in your work, to have the integrity to do the right thing, to lead by example, to be strict but fair, and always treat everyone with respect no matter what role they play in the project.  Whether you’re a laborer or the CEO, every person’s contribution is vital and deserves equal respect,” he explains. 


During the challenging times of the pandemic, Josh observed how JC&A’s true culture shone through in their treatment of employees. “You want to see the true culture of companies just wait and see what they do with their employees and how they take care of them during this time when everything is so uncertain,” he recalls from an article he read. This experience reinforced his commitment to JC&A, where he looks forward to many more fulfilling years.


Josh’s journey from serving the nation to building a community through JC&A exemplifies his dedication to values of service, integrity, and respect. His story is a testament to the strength of character fostered by both the National Guard and JC&A.


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