JC&A Blog | Meet Kensley Beaucejour

JC&A Blog | Meet Kensley Beaucejour

Kensley Beaucejour joined J. Calnan & Associates’ team as an Assistant Project Manager in February of 2020–a particularly volatile time for many industries. However, after over a year of career and personal growth, Kensley has no regrets.


“Honestly, when COVID-19 hit while I was still a newbie, I certainly didn’t think that I’d be getting this far,” he says. “I clearly thought wrong. It warms my heart every day knowing that despite all of the craziness currently happening in the world, I get to be part of such a great family.”


The JC&A family, however, is not what initially drew Kensley to our firm. Nor was it our annual Christmas Party, which he now lists as his favorite JC&A tradition. Following his prior work as an Assistant Project Manager and Construction Manager at Manganaro North America, Kensley found himself particularly intrigued by the wide variety of projects JC&A takes on. Over the past 25 years, our firm has built itself up to be one of the best construction management firms in the Northeast, tackling a wide variety of projects that have helped shape cities and communities throughout. So far, Kensley has had the opportunity to work on some of these projects himself, citing Berkshire Grey and Moody’s Investments as among his favorites.


Where Kensley’s passion truly lies, however, is in improving the lives of those around him–and learning how to better himself along the way. This is reflected in his own interpretation of “The JC&A Way:”


“To me, The JC&A Way is an informative mindset and environment that’s markedly unique and different from anything else I’ve experienced,” he says. “Being a part of the JC&A family and growing from within that family has allowed me to improve my character and how I see things in a way that expands far beyond the workplace.”


His commitment to helping others is far from just talk; Kensley also helped found and serves as Co-CEO of the KOLS Foundation, a group dedicated to aiding in the development of children around the world, most recently in Haiti and Guinea. After moving to the United States following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Kensley’s focus on assisting those other than himself has become a significant part of every aspect of his life.


“I would say I’m ultimately most passionate about helping the less fortunate,” he says. “I’d like to achieve my fullest potential, and for me that means bringing people together to build homes/communities and participating and contributing to all aspects of life.”


Today, that dedication to building communities has led Kensley to JC&A, where he complements his work at KOLS by working to build homes, communities, and shelters throughout the country. With his expertise, determination and passion for his work, Kensley is and always will be a cherished addition the JC&A family, and we’re proud to work alongside him as he continues his personal mission of being a force for good.

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