JC&A Blog | Meet Jon Meier

JC&A Blog | Meet Jon Meier

For Senior Project Manager Jonathan Meier, the JC&A Way means doing whatever it takes to get the job done. This is a mantra that Jon has held even prior to his employment with JC&A and continues to exemplify through both his work and his personal pursuits.


“The JC&A Way means that it’s crunch time,” he said. “It means having your hair on fire, and it can be as simple as calling that subcontractor you’re working with, having them know your company and understand that as a team you are going to do whatever you can to ensure the job is a success.”


This commitment to his craft was on display prior to his 17-year tenure at JC&A. Before joining our team, Jon had taken a year off from construction management to finish building his own house, utilizing trade expertise and knowledge he had gained as a Field Engineer, Assistant Superintendent and Assistant Project Manager. All but the countertops remained before Jon accepted a Project Manager position at JC&A.


“On day 1, I ran straight into Rick Borden, and it’s kind of funny that Rick and I still sit about six feet away from each other to this day,” Jon laughed. “I also remember that on my first day, the truck hauling the granite for my countertops arrived unannounced.  Not only did I feel like I made the right move for my career and family, but my family handled the install, and I came home to a completed house.”


Jon’s time at JC&A has been spent working on a variety of projects for clients like Ocean Spray, SunLife and the Skating Club of Boston.  Now a Senior Project Manager, he cites his proudest moments as those when a client has called back for help working on their next project.


“Experiencing a client wanting to work on a subsequent project with you is extremely rewarding,” he said. “It’s a testament to having worked hard and given them a reason to ask for our help on their next endeavor.”


In terms of his family life, Jon’s family has also been positively impacted by JC&A. Two of his three children and three step children , Jacqueline and Michelle, have both received the JC&A Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship established to honor the lives of JC&A Superintendents Stephen Terrenzi, Jim Gunning and George Smith. The JC&A Memorial Scholarship is funded through various JC&A events, donations and Partners, and focuses on rewarding children and/or dependents of JC&A employees for their commitment to academic achievement and consistent civic and community involvement.

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