Boston Real Estate Times Announces Outstanding Women of 2022

Boston Real Estate Times Announces Outstanding Women of 2022

As Vice President of Marketing | Partner at J. Calnan & Associates, Inc., Maureen Rystrom has 20 years of marketing experience in the A/E/C industry. She is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing marketing strategies and communications around brand management, internal and external public relations, industry awards and recognition programs, events, and philanthropic initiatives. As a Partner, Maureen is a member of the senior leadership team at JC&A that drives business development efforts and JC&A’s strategic initiatives, including employee training and development, strategic relationships, technology tools, and overall processes and procedures.


Maureen is highly active in numerous industry organizations. She currently serves as President of CoreNet Global New England Chapter and as a member of the Executive Committee. She also served on the Executive Committee for the Commercial Broker’s Association and was VP of NAIOP’s Marketing and Membership Committee. Maureen is the Co-Founder of PLA!, a community of women in commercial real estate, which has gained tremendous traction for its emphasis on mentoring and philanthropy.


Maureen gives back to the community positively as a proud supporter of Team IMPACT, a national non-profit founded in JC&A’s headquarters whose mission is to connect and cultivate meaningful relationships between college athletic teams and children diagnosed with life-threatening diseases.


She is the proud mother of her three active boys, Adam, Aidan, and Andrew. She and her husband, Adam, live in Lynnfield, MA.




I joined JC&A fifteen years ago. In that time, I have evolved from Marketing Director to Vice President and Partner while growing from a young leader within the CoreNet Global community to now filling the role of CoreNet Global NE President. To say that real estate has changed my life would be an understatement!


From my first meeting at JC&A, I knew that this was a special place – a company and a team focused on building relationships and also – as Benjamin Franklin encouraged – “doing well by doing good.” That passion and philosophy have shaped my career and how I think, act, live and work.  I have been afforded the opportunity to help our firm grow, build relationships with amazing clients in cutting-edge industries, and have even been inspired to create a place specifically for women in the A/E/C industry by co-founding the Professional Ladies Association (PLA!). The relationships I have enjoyed over the years – supporting each other’s achievements and successes and seeing each other grow within our chosen industries – have been incredibly meaningful to me personally and the value they bring professionally is obvious.


Team IMPACT, the nonprofit founded in our JC&A headquarters, is a shining example of “Doing Well by Doing Good.” In just ten years, Team IMPACT has grown from a small local start-up to a national nonprofit that has matched over 3,000 kids across the country with supporting teams from colleges and universities. It may have started at JC&A, but the support of our relationships in the real estate community has catapulted it to where it is today.


Real estate is a perfect industry for a person like me, someone who is always looking for a new challenge and striving to achieve more. While the trends in CRE evolve, so do the goals I set for my team and myself. At JC&A, we pride ourselves on being at the top of our game, from creating thoughtful marketing strategies specific to each of our core markets to cultivating a team of bright and energetic experts in fields like life sciences and technology. We are consistently named a “Best Place to Work”, the highest honor for any company to achieve, regardless of what they do.


Joining JC&A and spending my career engrossed in the Real Estate industry has taught me the value of building relationships with people who inspire you to learn, grow and give back to the community.




Keeping up with the constant evolution and ever-changing advancements in the technology sectors is always a top priority for JC&A. We embrace new tech and work to optimize its usage to support our project teams for more efficient communication and collaboration. This, in turn, improves access to information and transparency for stakeholders.


These advancements and their effectiveness can be seen both in the office and on the job site, where we work to employ cutting-edge tech that maximizes value and ROI for our clients. This commitment to technology can be seen through all facets of JC&A’s business plan.


This past year has been rife with innovation in the life sciences market. New properties support high-tech labs and workspaces, and renovation, retrofitting, and refurbishing existing buildings have spurred the sector towards new and expanded opportunities. JC&A is proud to partner with several premier life science clients, including Acceleron, Dicerna, Quest Diagnostics, Affinia, Fogpharma, Sanofi, Biogen, MassBio, Takeda, Deciphera, Modalis, and Tscan.


In addition to an incredibly active life sciences client base, JC&A has been fortunate to build for several robotics firms, creating dynamic headquarters spaces for both iRobot and Boston Dynamics; and research, development, and manufacturing space for clients including Berkshire Grey and ClearMotion.


Delivering these unique spaces for clients on the front-line of innovative technology allows us to be first in line to learn about and experience incredible inventions that genuinely change the way we work and live. For example, JC&A proudly added two of Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs to our team, and it’s so cool to see them on job sites exploring all the nooks that are too tight or dangerous for our human teammates to go!


JC&A’s extraordinary growth in the industry has been motivated and supported by the development of technology and fueled by our impeccable reputation for providing and constructing quality projects and providing exceptional client service. Whether it be completing a complex laboratory project, a state-of-the-art tech fit-out, or building a ground-up office complex, JC&A is prepared and ready to supply a level of care and attention unmatched in the industry.

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