JC&A Blog | Meet Sharie Beagle

JC&A Blog | Meet Sharie Beagle

While some of the JC&A team members we highlight are encouraged to apply by friends and colleagues, others happen across opportunities and feel drawn to our company. This was the case for Sharie Beagle, one of our Project Accountant Managers, who noticed a JC&A advertisement in a newspaper over 20 years ago.


“I viewed an ad for a Project Account position and immediately knew that it was the perfect job for me,” Sharie said.  I can’t believe I’m here almost 21 years later! It’s awesome that there are so many other teammates at JC&A celebrating similar milestones – it seems rare to find a company that people love enough to still enjoy coming into the office and working with the same team, fifteen, twenty, even twenty-five years in a row.  That really shows you how special JC&A is.


Sharie’s dedication and warm personality have played a key role over her tenure in helping evolve JC&A from a small group of hardworking employees to a big family that has become incredibly close and supportive of one another over the years.


“JC&A knows how to throw a great party, and I’d have to say my favorite event of the year is our End of Year company meeting, where we all gather to share stories, company successes, and accomplishments for the year,” said. “We have a unique team here; everyone is working on an interesting project, but they are also involved in JCAres or Team IMPACT, personal charities like volunteering to foster dogs or coaching Little League… so it’s really fun to be able to catch up with everyone and hear more about what they’ve been doing throughout the year and what they’re most proud of. It’s inspiring.”


Over 20+ years, you can only imagine the projects Sharie has been an instrumental part of, like her work on the Middlesex Savings Bank accounts, Amazon projects, Converse, and Schneider Electric, to name a handful.


“It’s tough to single out only a few of my favorite projects over the past 20 years,” Sharie said. “But it’s the ones that require all team involvement within the company to ultimately exceed client expectations that I truly enjoy being a part of. Just as how it’s great to be able to hear about what my other team members who wear different hats are doing during the End of Year party, it’s possibly even better to see them in action. When we all work together, we’ve truly executed some great projects over the years.”


“One particular moment that I’m very proud of, though, was being recognized for my 20 years of work at JC&A,” she added. “Dedicating 20 years of your life to a company, a career, and a team of people has had a huge impact on me, and it felt so special to know that my loyalty here has impacted all of you.”


“To me, the JC&A Way means working with amongst leaders on quality projects and establishing long-lasting relationships within our community. I’m grateful to have built so many great relationships with both teammates and clients over the years, and I hope there are many more to come!

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