Respect, Camaraderie and Teamwork Personify J. Calnan & Associates

Respect, Camaraderie and Teamwork Personify J. Calnan & Associates

J. Calnan and Associates (JC&A) one of the largest merit shop construction managers in the Northeast, was recently honored by a group of staff Veterans in recognition for the company’s dedication to helping with their transitions to civilian life.


Former Staff Sargent Andre Grant has been a valued member of the JC&A team for nearly a decade, during which time he has also served in the US Army Reserve. Reflecting on the support that JC&A afforded him throughout his career prompted Andre with a desire to show his appreciation by presenting the Partners with a commemorative American flag.


“Many organizations claim to support the troops, and truthfully a lot of them are genuine, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that JC&A’s support is upper level,“ said Grant.  “During my 20 years of service, I can remember only two employers that didn’t require me to use my vacation time for pay when I was doing my annual training or on deployment. I can only remember one that didn’t make me feel guilty about my military commitment, and that’s JC&A.”


During a ceremonial breakfast, several additional Veterans-turned-JCAers were quick to chime in with their own sentiments on how JC&A helped ease their transitions to civilian life.


One Project Superintendent recounted his time in the Army National Guard and noted how impactful of an experience it was for him and the pride he took in his work – aspects that reflect his experience at JC&A. To him, JC&A is a close-knit family with colleagues he can always rely on, just as he did in the military.


This emphasis on camaraderie, respect, and the power of team is what JC&A teammates often cite when they refer to ‘The JC&A Way’.


The special event took place at JC&A’s Quincy Headquarters, where CEO Jay Calnan remarked, “Gratitude has always been one of the core ingredients of JC&A. Even before we launched Team Impact right here in this space, the core of Team Impact is gratitude and teamwork. These core values that JC&A has had since day one, being grateful for the opportunities that we have… we wouldn’t have these opportunities if we didn’t have people defending our rights, our constitution, defending our ability to get up every day and do what we do. Gratitude in our organization runs deep and we are very, very thankful.”

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