JC&A Blog | Meet Ted Presume

JC&A Blog | Meet Ted Presume

For Ted Presume, one of JC&A’s Assistant Project Managers, our industry is just as much about building communities as it is working on the projects themselves. This is a personal passion for Ted, who moved from Haiti to the United States after witnessing the devastation of the 2010 earthquake. Rather than putting the event behind him, Ted chose to learn more about how communities can rebuild themselves after these circumstances and how he could play a part in that process.


“One of the factors that drew me most to JC&A is the firm’s reputation,” he explained. “After reading about the amazing work this company performs in cities throughout the Northeast, I immediately felt as though JC&A’s values of giving back to the community were perfectly aligned with my own journey. I’ve only been part of the company for less than a year, but I already feel as though I’ve helped to make a difference in the communities that need it most.”


Ted’s journey is an inspirational one, immigrating here in 2011 at age 19 and not speaking much English. Through his unparalleled tenacity and drive, he became well-versed in the language and began taking courses in the maths and sciences–yet another area in which JC&A reflects his own personal interests. Ted has also taken a particular interest in the STEM field, as he continued searching for answers regarding why so many structures collapsed during the 2010 earthquake and how infrastructure could have been improved upon. This search for answers is another contributing factor to his interest in JC&A’s work.


“I came to JC&A to learn more about the world around me, and I’m happy to say that that learning process is still continuing every day. My story is rooted in the desire to help others, and the entire JC&A team has always been willing and able to help me appreciate the importance of construction firms and the role they play in building strong infrastructures and communities. Our work is incredibly important when it comes to building and rebuilding lives and whole communities, and JC&A allows me to take that passion and apply it in new and productive ways. I’m grateful for the countless opportunities to continue learning and growing as a person.”


As an Assistant Project Manager with his own goals and aspirations, “The JC&A Way” has taken on a unique meaning for Ted as it has for all of our team members at JC&A. For Ted, however, “The JC&A Way” is not made up of one moment or activity, but rather more of an experiential term that he believes applies to his daily life both in and out of the office.


“The JC&A Way is more of a sensation for me,” he explained. “I first came to this country knowing little English and learning what I could along the way as quickly as possible. Because of this, I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come, and working at JC&A empowers me to continue feeling that pride every day. I’m proud to stand alongside some of the most hardworking, educated and resourceful coworkers and friends I have ever had, and that is something that I’d only wished was possible back in 2011. I continue to be excited to see what the future holds.”

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