JC&A Blog | Catch Up with Chelsie Gilbert

JC&A Blog | Catch Up with Chelsie Gilbert

For Project Manager Chelsie Gilbert, empowerment is rooted in her role as a young woman in the construction industry. JC&A has provided her the opportunity to further her training and tangible experience while creating the culture necessary to have powerful women at the table. Chelsie credits company leaders with inspiring her each and every day to put her best foot forward.


Beyond this representation, Chelsie is also empowered through the streamlined channels of communication at JC&A. She emphasizes how voicing her career goals has led her to projects that she never thought possible. Her willingness to speak up has led her to join the Life Sciences division and subsequently, their lab projects.


“Knowing that they trust me to work with such informed/important clients shows that they trust me to meet any and all expectations,” she said, “Lastly, the constant feedback from my Superiors and open communication is what has helped me grow.”


The JC&A Way has many meanings depending on who you ask but for Chelsie, it aligns with collaboration and the support system she is surrounded by. She has been deeply impacted firsthand by the gestures and workplace attitudes of those around her. This has been something that has allowed her to grow as a Project Manager and feel confident in her role.


“The JC&A Way means “teamwork” to me. I find everyone is so willing to help one another out at JC&A and it makes work more enjoyable when your coworkers are supportive. I also enjoy helping others learn and teaching people to use their resources,” she said, “So many coworkers have taken time out of their days to help train me or teach me something I didn’t fully understand. Knowing I can always reach out to my coworkers and mentors for guidance helps build my confidence each day at JC&A.”

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