JC&A Blog | Catch Up with Russ Hanson

JC&A Blog | Catch Up with Russ Hanson

Project Manager Russell (Russ) Hanson values workplaces that place their most precious asset first: their employees. At JC&A, Russ has developed his sense of leadership on projects while trusting that his company has his back.


Having skilled employees like Russ is the foundation for ensuring that every environment is inspiring, motivating, and most of all safe.


The JC&A Way can be found in the spirit of each employee. For Russ, this means having a company that truly understands the needs of its employees and clients. It means having comprehensive safety training and policies to avoid tragic accidents. It means developing a cohesive sense of purpose and professionalism in each employee. But most of all, it is providing a space where employees feel welcomed and valued.


A part of the JC&A way is reinforced through its employee events. When asked about his favorite JC&A event, Russ touched on the camaraderie of the company. “It’s hard not to say the JC&A client holiday party, although Covid-19 has limited my experience with these to only the one of these,” he said. “I also really enjoy the company quarterly meetings, which are always at the best venues and we get to hang out with other JC&A people who are always fun to be around.”


Having been with JC&A for three years, Russ continues to show his talent as a Project Manager and employee at events and in the field. Russ has taken his skill set to new heights with JC&A working projects such as the Amazon Robotics Innovation Hub at 50 Otis St., a facility of over 350,000 square feet.


“My proudest moment at JC&A would have to be obtaining formal substantial completion at 50 Otis on schedule, given the magnitude of hurdles that were put in our way,” he said, “This took an amazing team effort all around, and I couldn’t have been any prouder of the team’s effort.”


This resilient spirit has been the guiding light for Russ throughout his time at JC&A. He envisions a bright future for his team and will continue to be an advocate for safety in the workplace.

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