J. Calnan of J. Calnan & Associates Honored as EY Entrepreneur of the Year

J. Calnan of J. Calnan & Associates Honored as EY Entrepreneur of the Year

Jay Calnan, CEO of J. Calnan & Associates (JC&A), has been named the EY Entrepreneur of the Year for 2023. The independent panel of judges recognized Calnan’s exceptional entrepreneurial spirit, long-term value creation, purpose-driven approach, remarkable growth, and significant impact in his field. 


Calnan developed valuable life lessons through sports, including teamwork, work ethic, discipline, accountability, leadership, and perseverance. These principles shaped his journey as he built JC&A, emphasizing the power of collaboration and instilling a “team first” environment. With a stellar reputation as a premier construction management firm in the Northeast, JC&A excels by fostering teamwork, resilience, and perseverance. 


In 2011, Calnan co-founded Team IMPACT, a Boston-based non-profit that pairs children facing serious illnesses and disabilities with college sports teams, creating life-changing experiences for all involved. The organization’s growth into a national non-profit, with over 3000 children drafted onto college teams and impacting more than 120,000 Student-Athletes, reflects the core values of teamwork, leadership in the community, work ethic, accountability, resilience, and perseverance cherished by both JC&A and Team IMPACT. 


As JC&A proudly celebrates its 27th year in business, it upholds a unique business development model where every employee is encouraged to foster strong connections and cultivate new relationships. This approach, combined with their active participation in the industry, provides countless opportunities for associates to expand their professional networks, fueling the continued growth and success of the company. 


JC&A’s commitment to its people and community has earned them accolades, including being recognized consistently by the Boston Globe and the Boston Business Journal as a “Top Place to Work” and a “Best Place to Work,” respectively. They have also been recognized as a “Top Corporate Philanthropist” for sixteen consecutive years. The company’s dedication to giving back is further exemplified by their exceptional employee volunteer hours, consistently ranking them among the top five at the Corporate Citizenship Summit. In 2011, 2013, and 2022, JC&A achieved the distinguished honor of being ranked #1 for average employee volunteer hours. Additionally, JC&A and Team IMPACT were honored as Partners of the Year in 2013, further underscoring their impact and commitment to making a difference. 


During his acceptance speech, Calnan reflected on the distinction between following one’s passion and following one’s purpose, emphasizing, “Following your passion brings joy and happiness in the present. It encompasses what you love to do. However, pursuing your purpose transcends personal satisfaction, as it signifies the profound legacy you leave on the world. While engaging in activities that bring joy is undeniably fulfilling on an individual level, dedicating oneself to a purpose extends beyond that realm, leaving an enduring mark for generations to come.” 


With their strong community support and dedication to philanthropy, JC&A continues to set the standard for excellence in the industry, inspiring others to embrace the power of teamwork and make a lasting impact. 

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