Skating Club of Boston






Skating Club of Boston

JC&A worked collaboratively with Troika, Northstar Project Management and AHA Engineers to deliver the new, 190,000 SF Skating Club of Boston.


This $65M project, located at 750 University Ave in Norwood, MA included the development of the Club’s new state-of-the-art three-rink facility totaling 190,000 square feet across 10-12 acres with a possible Hotel Pad.


The Skating Club of Boston spent years looking for a property to build their 190,000 SF state-of-the-art-facility. When they locked in on a property in Norwood, they understood the challenges that would come with building on a golf course entirely located in wetlands and flood zones. JC&A worked through many options from previous experience on how to manipulate the site while being as cost effective as possible. Helical Piles, Geopiles, Import/Export, Surcharging and other driven pile methods were explored. The final method that worked with schedule and budget was an Import/Export exercise of over 65,000 cubic yards of organic material down to glacial till.

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