Micheli Center at Skating Club of Boston






Micheli Center at Skating Club of Boston

As part of the scope of work when building the new Skating Club of Boston in Norwood, MA, the JC&A team delivered the Club’s new training facility – The Marilyn P. Kasputys Branch of The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention.


The Center applies decades of research, data and experience across a wide variety of sports to help today’s athletes avoid injuries. In addition to providing prescriptive evaluations and practical strength-and-conditioning plans to help prevent injuries, the center’s trainers also offer group and private instruction in over 4,000 square feet of space to train Club skaters with all of their off-ice strength and conditioning requirements.


Project highlights include 8,000 SF of examination and treatment rooms, offices for sports psychology and nutrition, on-site physical therapy, and an x-ray imaging room for any immediate examination requirements.


The center also includes a 1,600 SF dedicated dance space with a sprung floor, ballet bars and mirrors for a variety of off-ice dance, choreography and jump classes. Also within the center, the Club operates a high-altitude training room – the only such training room in the area – and the Club’s jump spinner.

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