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Marlborough Hills

The Marlborough Hills campus underwent a massive redevelopment effort, which included a 5-story, 200,000 SF office building and a 3-story cast-in-place concrete 500,000 SF building. Work was completed over 5 phases. First, for the Avalon Apartments complex needed over 60,000 cubic yards of fill removed from its site, which was relocated to create a new parking lot area for the 800,000 SF of Office & Lab Space. The fill was silty and easily saturated by rains making it impossible to compact. Geotextile and Lime applications were utilized in layers to dry out the soils and stabilize it for a parking area for 400 vehicles.


The second effort involved heavy utility mobilization to modify the existing services in the buildings. The existing 12” fire loop was over 15 ft in the ground and wrapped the entire building. 28 PIV’s were replaced, the building Fire protection service completely modified from the outside in while maintaining the outside loop. A new electrical service was brought across the property over a ¼ mile to increase the buildings electrical capacity for heavy lab users. The site crew and JC&A managed National Grid and countless subgrade conditions to work the service to the building and through the existing foundation. The site drainage was completely reconfigured due to the fill efforts and grade changes around the property. Existing lines were cleaned and repaired, new retention ponds created to store parking lot and roof runoff as well as miles of swales to control water on a 200 acre site that is almost entirely sloped. The area is surrounded by wetlands, so heavy SWPPP implementation and reporting, Frac Tank use and conservation measures were managed daily to account for weekly inspections by the city representative. There were no issues reported in over a year of sitework.


The third major effort was the site work for the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel. Built entirely on a slope, heavy site stabilization measures were required before any foundations could be set. Hundreds of Geopiles were installed using Auger and Injection methods to create stone “columns” in the soil in lieu of having to export 30,000 to 40,000 Cubic Yards of material off site and adding months to the project. The 105,000 SF ground-up project was a steel and wood framed, podium-type construction of a 5-story 160 key hotel.

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