Boston Dynamics






Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics needed a home to support their rapidly growing engineering, development, and marketing teams while not losing sight of what was at the core of their culture – family, and connectivity. The space needed to be transparent enough that innovation could be seen from all angles, flexible enough to adapt to their ever-changing environment, and rugged enough to withstand anything that their engineers might, or might not, think of for their robotic friends to carry out.


JC&A successfully collaborated with Anchorline, former building owner; CBRE, brokerage and project management; Bergmeyer, architecture and NV5, engineering to make this vision a reality. The result is a nearly 180,000 SF facility located at The Post in Waltham that meets the needs of the Boston Dynamics workplace family, robots included. With an innovative mix of manufacturing, engineering, test labs, demonstration areas, office and meeting spaces, kitchens, a fitness room, mother’s and quiet rooms, and a Town Hall at its center, the new headquarters remains true to their values of inter-connectivity and transparency.


The photoshoot at Boston Dynamics was conducted by adhering to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ guidelines for the pandemic. The photography method of using composite layers of people in the editing process was also applied to align with the shoot’s safety measures.

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