JC&A Serves Up Sandwiches, Smiles and Support for the Community

JC&A Serves Up Sandwiches, Smiles and Support for the Community

J. Calnan & Associates (JC&A) has a reputation throughout the industry for “Doing Well by Doing Good,” a philosophy that was one of our founding principles, and continues to drive our success 27 years later. That philosophy has led us to be consistently honored as a “Best Place to Work” by the Boston Business Journal, a Boston Globe “Top Place to Work”, and a “Top Charitable Contributor” by the Boston Business Journal for sixteen consecutive years. In addition, JC&A proudly ranked #1 for the highest average volunteer hours in 2022, with a total of 42.98 per employee.


JC&A’s internal philanthropy group, JCAres, seeks out opportunities in the community for the team to participate in, with the goal of having something through the year that appeals to everyone. Notably, JC&A regularly partners with the Special Olympics of MA, Cradles to Crayons, Father Bill’s&MainSpring, the Ellie Fund, the Animal Rescue League of Boston, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Interfaith Social Services and Heading Home to host donation drives, prepare bagged lunches, deliver holiday meals and volunteer at in-person events like shelter clean-up days and participate in fundraisers like the infamous Polar Plunge.


“One of many reasons to love working at JC&A is knowing our outreach goes a long way in our community,” said Samantha Shedlock, Marketing Manager and JCAres President, “but it also goes a long way within our JC&A team. We get the opportunity to make an impact in the community by working as a team and foster a sense of unity outside of the office. We’ve had so much fun making sandwiches as a big group in our kitchen for Father Bill’s, challenging each other to take the Polar Plunge, working side by side to build furniture, clean and stock the fridge of apartments for Heading Home clients… that’s really special.  The opportunity to make a difference for a cause that has personal meaning, and getting to do it with your coworkers and friends adds a whole extra layer of fulfillment to your job. That is the JC&A way.”

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