JC&A Blog | Catch Up With Andre Grant

JC&A Blog | Catch Up With Andre Grant

Andre Grant, Human Resources/Payroll Manager and Project Accountant, finds it incredible how much JC&A cares as much about the bottom-line in addition to giving back to the community. He finds that giving back is in the DNA of the company and he takes great pride in working for a company & leaders that cares about its social-contract and the role they play in their communities.


Andre started with JC&A nearly 8 years ago solely as a Project Accountant. He was encouraged to apply by his best friend, Tony Burke, but he was drawn to JC&A because of the opportunity to work for a company that supported his professional goals in the private sector, and his military commitments in the age of deployments, training missions and battle assemblies.


Now in a different role, Andre considers himself very fortunate to see The JC&A Way from a unique perspective. From his “Viewpoint” he believes The JC&A Way is the embodiment of the ideal “work family”. While he and his teammates might not always agree, at the end of the day every member is valued and respected for their unique talents while being empowered to become the best version of themselves both personally and professionally.


The JC&A Way is also reinforced through many traditions. For Andre, the tradition of “recognizing our business partners with our annual client party & our employees’ families with our annual Christmas/holiday party is tough to beat as each speaks volumes about our values as a company.”


When asked about his proudest moment at JC&A, Andre needed to think hard about his answer, but decided on honoring/recognizing JC&A’s 20th & 25th year anniversaries. Andre explained, “In my opinion, they serve as reminders that continued success is truly a team effort & that everyone that’s called JC&A home played an integral role and share in that achievement. Moreover, the current group is challenged to uphold that JC&A excellence for the generation coming up behind us.”


Andre has felt continually supported by JC&A and all those he works with. JC&A has become a family to him and will carry forth his sense of pride that JC&A brings him.

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