First look: Inside Globoforce’s new Framingham HQ

First look: Inside Globoforce’s new Framingham HQ

From the Boston Business Journal


Mar 21, 2017: Human resources software firm Globoforce has more than doubled the size of its local headquarters with a move to Framingham, a relocation that will allow the firm to hire more than a dozen workers. The new office at 200 Crossing Boulevard in Framingham spans two stories and 55,000 square feet, more than double the 23,000 square feet Globoforce previously occupied at 144 Turnpike Road in Southborough. The company cut the ribbon on the new office Monday morning.


CEO Eric Mosley, who co-founded Globoforce in 1999, said the company is shifting toward a “WorkHuman” mission that aims to highlight inclusivity and support diverse working habits.
“The way organizations and teams work is changing,” Mosley said in a statement. “The shift away from the industrial age of HR to the human era necessitates more human-centric approaches at work that take advantage of the way people work today, which is built around social connections and organizational communities.”


The move to Framingham comes three years after Globoforce scrapped its plans for an initial public offering. A public records search indicates Globoforce has not again filed to register securities with the U.S.Securities and Exchange Commission.


“IPO has always been one of the options within the company’s growth strategy,” a Globoforce spokesperson said. “Right now, Globoforce is focused on helping companies build more human workplace cultures through the power of social recognition.”


Globoforce employs 200 in the U.S. and has 33 positions listed on its website, including 17 in Massachusetts and another four U.S.-based positions. The remaining dozen positions are in Globoforce’s Dublin office, which serves as a co-headquarters.


Jess Klay, senior director of design and creative, said the company considered 40 different locations when contemplating a move from 144 Turnpike Road in Southborough. Globoforce chose the 55,000-square-foot Framingham office because its central location between Boston and the suburbs made the office easily accessible for Globoforce’s Massachusetts-based employees, Klay said.


“The office at 200 Crossing Blvd. has been designed with the whole human in mind, focusing on how our people live, work, and interact with each other every day,” Klay said. Design elements of the new office include a vibrant color palette; myriad plants to improve indoor air quality; materials such as wood, glass and stone; sound masking through white noise, plant partitions and felt walls; and ventilation and thermal control.


“We designed our new, open office space to accommodate diverse personalities and work styles, while also promoting greater social recognition and humanity in the modern workplace,” said Niamh Graham, vice president of global HR at Globoforce, in a statement. “We are growing fast and are very proud of our workplace culture.”

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