General Superintendent Leo Boffoli has graced JC&A with his big smile and affable attitude for nearly a decade. He joined JC&A as a Super and quickly became an integral part of our team. He is quick to volunteer with JCAres, even lending his voice to call a few games at Gillette Stadium for last winter’s Special Olympics flag football tournament. When he first joined the team in 2014, Leo hoped to be part of a company that would allow him to grow, and it seems his goal has been fulfilled!


Leo has worked for many high-profile clients for JC&A, including multiple projects for Amazon, Rocket Software, SanDisk, Juno, and Kayak. Leo famously took on an aggressive schedule several summers ago at The Park School. He spent the entire project working in a cell-service dead zone, surrounded by 600 children enjoying summer camp. Then, true to form, Leo put them all on notice by winning a hot dog eating contest before the roach-coach early on in the project.


Despite this impressive performance, Leo considers his proudest achievement his role in JCAST, a group of senior-level supers that meet monthly to plan department networking events and offer guidance and mentorship to younger supers.


It’s no surprise that Leo’s favorite JC&A tradition is our annual Client holiday party, where we all get to mingle and enjoy the clients, architects, engineers, and coworkers we work so closely with all year. For Leo, it’s all about teamwork paired with a family environment that makes him happy in his role – that is Leo’s take on the JC&A Way.

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