At JC&A, we have a lot of well-rounded and interesting teammates, but only one can claim to have performed construction on the infamous “Aunt Becky” from tv’s Full House’s Beverly Hills Mansion.  Catch up with the one and only Kyle Nasman!


Kyle joined JC&A as an Estimating Co-op in September 2010, after being encouraged by former roommate / former JC&A employee Joe Simon. Immediately he recognized how awesome JC&A is – our “sense of community, lightheartedness, and amazing projects” listed as “all reasons why [Kyle] wanted to become part of the JC&A family.”  By December of 2010, that goal was a reality, and Kyle was hired full-time as an Estimating Coordinator.


Just a few years later, Kyle enjoyed a highlight of his career when he was able to join the team working with client Reebok International to execute their Crossfit Games at the former Canton HQ.  “At the last minute, Reebok engaged us to assist, and JC&A was able to coordinate all owner vendors / JC&A subs and file and receive all necessary permits with the Town & Canton Fire Department. It was a very tight deadline, but the Games ended up going off without a hitch!” 


The adrenaline of the Crossfit Games wasn’t enough to keep Kyle in Quincy, and in 2015 he headed to the West Coast.  In 2021, Kyle returned to JC&A, becoming a Project Executive in our NY office, and welcoming twins with wife Rachel just a few months later! 


With all those extra mouths to feed, it’s no wonder why Kyle’s favorite JC&A tradition is receiving a Bongi’s Thanksgiving turkey each holiday season. “It’s something everyone looks forward to, and says a lot about how much JC&A values their employees and families,” he says. After all, that IS the JC&A way!


For Kyle, the JC&A Way means “always doing what’s right, putting clients first, and treating everyone with respect. The fact that we are treated as family members as opposed to employees fosters a positive environment in the office and in the field.”


We’re glad to have you back in the family, Kyle!

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