Catch Up With Eddy Fish

Catch Up With Eddy Fish

Assistant Project Manager Eddy Fish joined JC&A a year and a half ago, drawn by his appreciation for teamwork, integrity, and a strong work ethic. He recognized JC&A’s reputation as a top Construction Management firm renowned for its success in demanding and exciting projects within the industry. Meeting the people behind JC&A solidified his conviction that it was the perfect environment for personal and professional growth.


Having tackled several challenging projects, Eddy cites GE Vernova and Workhuman as his favorites thus far. He attributes this to the teamwork required to successfully deliver complex projects and satisfy clients.

His proudest moment at JC&A was completing the 55,000 SF headquarters for GE Vernova. “We faced numerous challenges, from logistical hurdles to transforming a century-old building into a world-class headquarters, all while adhering to a tight schedule with a global project team. These obstacles compelled us to innovate and make swift decisions. I’m immensely grateful for the dedication and hard work of colleagues like Cam Doe, Jeff Cameron, Tom Broadley, and the entire team. Their collective effort is what fills me with the most pride.”


For Eddy, “The JC&A Way” epitomizes teamwork. He appreciates that every person within JC&A looks out for each other, and genuinely wants to help others achieve their goals. This sentiment is passed onto clients and partners, creating a team-first environment in all aspects. That’s probably why Eddy’s favorite JC&A tradition is the annual holiday party – a night where the whole team is together to celebrate our accomplishments and express gratitude for what we have at JC&A.


Philanthropy is deeply woven into JC&A’s culture, reflecting one of Eddy’s core values.  As a longstanding member of the Corey Griffin Emerging Leaders Council, he recently accomplished a remarkable feat by completing the Boston Marathon, raising over $10,000 for the Corey Griffin Foundation.


As Eddy continues his journey with JC&A, his commitment to excellence and his dedication to nurturing strong relationships within the construction industry and the community remain steadfast, positioning him as an invaluable asset to the company and beyond.

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