Most of you know Dan as someone who has been with JC&A for a long time – nearly 20 years to be exact. However, some might not know that Dan took a little hiatus in his early years to work at a different firm closer to his home in Salem. It was only his second year with JC&A. Immediately into his new company, he realized that the grass is not always greener, and the opportunities afforded to him through JC&A were a much better fit for him and his family.  While the commute was shorter, Dan looks at his time with that other company as the longest 5 weeks of his career!


Before interviewing with JC&A, Dan worked with Steve Robak, Mike Crowther, and Doug Kelly at Jackson Construction from his first year at Wentworth through the first two years following graduation. Starting his journey at JC&A as an Assistant Project Manager, Dan’s dedication and passion for construction were evident from the beginning. He worked his way up through the ranks, becoming a Project Manager, then a Senior Project Manager, and eventually, a Project Executive. In 2021, he reached a milestone in his career, joining his former Jackson colleagues by becoming a Partner at JC&A, a testament to his exceptional leadership and commitment.


Dan has been part of some important projects for JC&A, including Jay’s favorite project, NESN; our first hotel project, HGI, and very complex projects like Schneider Electric, Olympus, Cognex, and currently 245 Fifth Avenue. Each project has shaped him into the accomplished professional he is today. Dan is a pragmatic, level-headed, process thinker who thrives on the daily multi-tasking, problem-solving environment at JC&A and leads our technology initiatives. He is constantly looking for ways JC&A can remain on the cutting edge and how technology can continue to improve our processes while making construction leaner and more innovative.


When asked about his proudest moment at JC&A, Dan reflects on the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic while working on some of JC&A’s largest projects – Boston Dynamics and 50 Otis. His ability to adapt and lead his team through those uncertain times exemplified his exceptional leadership skills.

Dan loves the balance of work and play at JC&A. Our holiday gatherings – from our annual client party to internal and spouse holiday parties – are some of his favorite traditions.


To Dan, “The JC&A Way” means exploring new ways to do things, unburdened by the pressure of sticking to the status quo. It’s about nurturing a culture of innovation, where technology plays a central role in enhancing our efficiency, communication, and collaboration.


So, the next time you see Dan around, take a moment to chat with him about technology. His enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious, and you might just discover a new perspective on how we can integrate cutting-edge tools and techniques to make life at JC&A even better!

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