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JC&A Blog | Catch Up With Andre Grant

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Andre Grant, Human Resources/Payroll Manager and Project Accountant, finds it incredible how much JC&A cares as much about the bottom-line in addition to giving back to the community. He finds that giving back is in the DNA of the company and he takes great pride in working for a company & leaders that cares about its social-contract and the role they play in their communities.

Andre started with JC&A nearly 8 years ago solely as a Project Accountant. He was encouraged to apply by his best friend, Tony Burke, but he was drawn to JC&A because of the opportunity to work for a company that supported his professional goals in the private sector, and his military commitments in the age of deployments, training missions and battle assemblies.

Now in a different role, Andre considers himself very fortunate to see The JC&A Way from a unique perspective. From his “Viewpoint” he believes The JC&A Way is the embodiment of the ideal “work family”. While he and his teammates might not always agree, at the end of the day every member is valued and respected for their unique talents while being empowered to become the best version of themselves both personally and professionally.

The JC&A Way is also reinforced through many traditions. For Andre, the tradition of “recognizing our business partners with our annual client party & our employees’ families with our annual Christmas/holiday party is tough to beat as each speaks volumes about our values as a company.”

When asked about his proudest moment at JC&A, Andre needed to think hard about his answer, but decided on honoring/recognizing JC&A’s 20th & 25th year anniversaries. Andre explained, “In my opinion, they serve as reminders that continued success is truly a team effort & that everyone that’s called JC&A home played an integral role and share in that achievement. Moreover, the current group is challenged to uphold that JC&A excellence for the generation coming up behind us.”

Andre has felt continually supported by JC&A and all those he works with. JC&A has become a family to him and will carry forth his sense of pride that JC&A brings him.

JC&A Blog | Catch Up with Sam Shedlock

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For me, the “JC&A Way” means community.  I think there’s something so special about finding your people, and I feel like I have found that here. We’re so lucky to have a team that genuinely works together, supports each other, and pushes one another to learn more, work harder, and achieve big things.  That’s a true community and trust me, it’s not easy to find!

Beyond these walls, the JC&A team consistently puts in the effort to make the bigger community that we live and build in an all-around better place for everyone.  I am so proud of how our team stepped up during and after the Pandemic. While so many other companies still struggle to get their employees back to work and deal with the new “quiet quitting” pandemic, JC&A is making an impact together in so many ways, like volunteering to clean and landscape a family shelter for Heading Home, donating truck loads of treats, toys and blankets to the Animal Rescue League and creating goodie bags for the children of our local Ronald McDonald House.  We have taken the plunge, literally, to support the Special Olympics, spent a day making holiday cards for Veterans residing in a nursing home, delivered Thanksgiving meals to women battling breast cancer, and raised money for Leukemia Lymphoma research.  All of this, while balancing our own personal challenges, home lives and JC&A’s busiest year on record.

Real estate / marketing is actually my second career, and I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I do. I’ve learned that this is such a cool field, getting to create places where real people learn, heal, discover, and achieve, beam by beam. I think what makes us extra special is that we don’t stop once a project wraps. We stay invested in the community and the people it serves; I especially love when it comes full circle and we can collaborate with a client, like Cradles to Crayons, to do something powerful and leave our mark.

The culture at JC&A has opened so many doors for me, and I think for a lot of you on the team, by awarding us the means and opportunity to volunteer with charities that inspire or resonate with us. Any of you who know me well know that ‘NO’ is my least favorite word – I believe that there’s always a way to get to your goal. So thank you to everyone who has dedicated time and energy to any of JCAres initiatives this year and making our ideas and goals a reality.



J. Calnan & Associates CEO Receives 2022 Patriot Award

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CEO Jay Calnan of J. Calnan and Associates (JC&A) was honored with the 2022 Patriot Award at the Seal Legacy Foundation Event alongside Atlantic Management’s Joseph Zink. The ceremony took place on Sunday, July 31st at The Encore Boston Harbor. It included the presentation of these awards alongside a silent auction, reception and dinner. The annual program raises money to benefit Home Base which provides veteran and family care.

The Patriot Award is given to individuals who support the SEAL Legacy Foundation’s mission of providing support to families of wounded and fallen United States Navy SEALS, educational assistance for SEALS and their families, and other charitable causes benefiting the SEAL Community. These honorees exemplify patriotism and continue to serve their communities in their unique ways.

We cannot explain how grateful we are to the Navy Seals and your families for what you do for us every day, day in and day out,” said Calnan, “I am so very fortunate and I want to thank all the Seals.”

At J. Calnan & Associates, giving back is embedded into the fabric of who we are. This legacy begins at the top with exemplary leadership. Calnan is the Co-Founder of Team IMPACT, a National Nonprofit that matches children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses with college athletic teams. He also supports causes such as Boston PAL, The Corey Griffin Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, The One Hundred Club, Champions for Children’s Hospital, The One Hundred Club, South Shore Hospital, The Jimmy Fund, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The American Heart Assoc, The Greg Hill Foundation and Father Bill’s to name a few. As a result of his leadership in the community, JC&A has been recognized by the Boston Business Journal for 16 years straight as a Top Charitable Contributor.

J. Calnan & Associates Celebrates 25 Years of Building the JC&A Way

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J. Calnan & Associates, a leader in providing construction management and preconstruction services in the commercial building, corporate interiors, life sciences, advanced tech, academic, and healthcare markets in the Northeast, has been recognized for the 16th consecutive year by the Boston Business Journal for a Top Charitable Contributor. In honor of this achievement, the BBJ’s publisher sat down with Jay Calnan, CEO of JC&A, to learn more about JC&A, its philosophy, and its achievements over the past 25 years.

This is the 16th consecutive year JC&A has secured a spot on our Top Charitable Contributors list. In addition, JC&A has also consistently ranked in the top five for volunteer hours donated. What is your philosophy around giving back?

“JC&A has always believed in “doing well by doing good.” We are proud of our accomplishments and even more proud of how we have achieved that success. The JC&A team has never wavered in our commitment to our people, clients, or community.
In 2011, JC&A helped launch Team IMPACT, a non-profit with the mission of improving the quality of life for children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses through the power of the team. Since its inception, Team IMPACT has matched over 3,000 sick children at more than 750 colleges and universities. The organization improves the lives of sick children and their families while also teaching and instilling gratitude in over 140,000 student-athletes across the country.
JC&A also has a philanthropic committee, JCAres, that is fostered and driven by our employees and supports various charitable groups, non-profit organizations, and institutions annually, including Champions for Children’s, Corey C. Griffin Foundation, Cradles to Crayons, The United Way, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Huntington’s Disease Society of America, and JDRF. JC&A employees have had the opportunity to volunteer at Up and Out Moves for Heading Home, deliver meals for the Ellie Fund, and assemble clothing packages for Cradles to Crayons. They have participated in countless walks and drives for other associations including Special Olympics, Ronald McDonald House, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the list continues.”

Being recognized as a Top Charitable Contributor for the 16th consecutive year reflects the essence of JC&A’s corporate culture and is a testament to what it means to be a member of the JC&A team.

I hear congratulations are in order – JC&A recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary. How have you seen JC&A grow over the past quarter century?

Yes, thank you, and Team IMPACT just celebrated ten years! JC&A is proud to celebrate its 25th year of delivering comprehensive construction management services throughout the Northeast. Starting with a small team of leaders, JC&A has grown to include a portfolio of prestigious work in the commercial building, corporate interiors, life sciences, advanced tech, academic, and healthcare markets and has had the privilege to work for best-in-class clients such as Amazon, Boston Dynamics, Boston Properties, Biogen, Atlantic Management, Children’s Hospital, Salesforce, Constant Contact, iRobot, Sanofi Genzyme, Parexel International, and Takeda among many others. JC&A has also been fortunate to collaborate with some of the best design and engineering firms on these projects, along with leading property management, project management, and brokerage firms.
Our outstanding strategic growth would not have been possible without our clients, partners, friends, family, and colleagues. The journey so far has been incredible. On behalf of our entire leadership team, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has made it possible for us to become one of the best construction management firms in the Northeast.

What’s next for JC&A?

At JC&A, we continue to provide our clients with the latest in innovative construction management services and technology while leading the market in new approaches to employee development including technical expertise, leadership training, networking skills, and giving back to our community.
JC&A is committed to the core value that every meaningful relationship must be mutually beneficial. Therefore, we focus on what we, as individuals and as a company, must bring to the relationships with our clients, corporate partners, subcontractors, community, and each other.
Our future focus is to continue to obsess over our ability to be the best at delivering exceptionally high-quality services to our clients, provide positive leadership to our partners in the industry, develop and train our employees to stand out in their field, and make a meaningful impact in our community.
We are truly grateful for the opportunity to leave our mark in our industry and our community for future generations to follow.

JC&A Blog | Catch Up with Russ Hanson

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Project Manager Russell (Russ) Hanson values workplaces that place their most precious asset first: their employees. At JC&A, Russ has developed his sense of leadership on projects while trusting that his company has his back.

Having skilled employees like Russ is the foundation for ensuring that every environment is inspiring, motivating, and most of all safe.

The JC&A Way can be found in the spirit of each employee. For Russ, this means having a company that truly understands the needs of its employees and clients. It means having comprehensive safety training and policies to avoid tragic accidents. It means developing a cohesive sense of purpose and professionalism in each employee. But most of all, it is providing a space where employees feel welcomed and valued.

A part of the JC&A way is reinforced through its employee events. When asked about his favorite JC&A event, Russ touched on the camaraderie of the company. “It’s hard not to say the JC&A client holiday party, although Covid-19 has limited my experience with these to only the one of these,” he said. “I also really enjoy the company quarterly meetings, which are always at the best venues and we get to hang out with other JC&A people who are always fun to be around.”

Having been with JC&A for three years, Russ continues to show his talent as a Project Manager and employee at events and in the field. Russ has taken his skill set to new heights with JC&A working projects such as the Amazon Robotics Innovation Hub at 50 Otis St., a facility of over 350,000 square feet.

“My proudest moment at JC&A would have to be obtaining formal substantial completion at 50 Otis on schedule, given the magnitude of hurdles that were put in our way,” he said, “This took an amazing team effort all around, and I couldn’t have been any prouder of the team’s effort.”

This resilient spirit has been the guiding light for Russ throughout his time at JC&A. He envisions a bright future for his team and will continue to be an advocate for safety in the workplace.

RFK Community Alliance Honors Jay Calnan at 2022 Gala

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On Oct. 26, the Robert F. Kennedy Community Alliance will recognize Jay Calnan, Owner, J. Calnan & Associates, Co-Founder Team IMPACT

Sports have always played a major part in Jay Calnan’s life. Growing up in Bristol, Conn. during a time of economic downfall, individuals, mom and pop shops, and big businesses alike rallied behind student athletes. Jay’s values and critical life skills were shaped through participation in community league programs. Dedicated coaches and a football opportunity led him to Tufts University where he developed a vast alumni network of friends and colleagues. However, the most impactful moment in his athletic career was not his own, but rather the experience of his brother Chris, who suffered from a medical condition that kept him sidelined. When Chris, an avid baseball fan was asked to be the official bat boy for the former Bristol Red Sox, everything changed.

Through this experience, Calnan saw the profound effect that being part of a team had on his brother. He also witnessed the impact that his brother – and the obstacles he overcame – had on the athletes. A few years later, in 1998, Calnan experienced a similar relationship between Joe McGinn, another Bristol native, sidelined with a severe kidney disease, and the UConn men’s basketball team. Then again in 2010, a relationship between Northwestern women’s lacrosse and a little girl battling cancer named Jaclyn. It was at this point that Jay decided it was time to leverage that vast network of friends, business associates, and colleagues to launch Team Impact. That’s when Jay enlisted the support of Co-Founder Dan Kraft, and several other Tufts alumni and business associates to create Team IMPACT.

Founded in 2011, Team Impact is a national nonprofit that connects children with serious illnesses or disabilities with college athletic teams. The nonprofit creates two-way relationships between families in need of additional social and emotional support and college athletes under enormous pressure to perform. They inspire one another and learn important life lessons together, from the value of teamwork to the importance of perseverance. What starts as a two-year therapeutic program monitored by clinicians and childcare specialists often develops into a lifelong friendship between student athletes and the children, they mentor. To date, more than 3,000 youth have been “drafted” to college teams nationwide.

“Years of personal experience on and off the field gave me opportunities to witness the impact a college athletic team can have on the mental, emotional, social, and physical wellbeing of a sick or disabled child,” says Calnan. “Through Team IMPACT, we want to make sure no kid is sidelined by their disease or by being differently abled.”

Calnan has dedicated the last 26 years of his career to philanthropy. His construction company, J. Calnan & Associates, founded in 1996, works across a wide variety of industries from academia to life sciences and is equally as committed to its clients as it is to connecting with the community. Headquartered in Quincy, the 140-person firm consistently ranks among the top charitable contributors in MA for financial support and time off donated to nonprofits. He credits his former college football captain and the first client that took his phone call for getting his start in the industry.

“Relationships are the essence of life,” says Calnan, who also sits on the board of the Boston Police Activities League and the Corey Griffin Foundation. “Everyone has challenges in life big and small. Take our college athletes for example. The pandemic really flipped the script on them when they were told to go home, sports were cancelled. All of a sudden, they got a taste of what sick kids face when they can no longer play with their peers and need to isolate. It makes you realize just how important people are in your lives and how pivotal a single phone call can be. The late Senator gave a voice to the voiceless and opened doors for the most vulnerable in our community. However, I can help, I will.”

On Wednesday, Oct. 26, Calnan will be honored by the RFK Community Alliance with the Embracing the Legacy Award at Boston’s JFK Presidential Library and Museum. Over the years, RFK Children’s Action Corps, now RFK Community Alliance, has sought to celebrate and acknowledge groundbreaking individuals who exemplify the organization’s mission to promote meaningful and sustained well-being for children, youth, and adults facing educational, developmental, mental health, and other challenges. Each year, the organization serves about 1,500 individuals and families statewide through programs based in Acton, Boston, Clinton, Holyoke, Lancaster, Middleton, Springfield, and South Hadley, as well as nationally through adoption services and training and technical assistance focused on youth justice transformation. The organization’s headquarters is in Lancaster.

During the event, Former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III, an RFK Community Alliance board member, will reflect on his late grandfather’s legacy and the lasting contributions he made toward protecting society’s most vulnerable children and families.

The event will feature a cocktail reception, seated dinner, and program, with awards presented to Nora Baston, Superintendent of the Boston Police Academy; Jay Calnan, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of J. Calnan & Associates, Inc. and Co-Founder of Team Impact; Edward Loughlin, Founder and Executive Director of Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators (posthumous); Marylou Sudders, Secretary of Health and Human Services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Former President and CEO of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Ed Kelley, retired CEO of Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps, will also receive the Lifetime Achievement award.

JC&A Blog | Catch Up with Chelsie Gilbert

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For Project Manager Chelsie Gilbert, empowerment is rooted in her role as a young woman in the construction industry. JC&A has provided her the opportunity to further her training and tangible experience while creating the culture necessary to have powerful women at the table. Chelsie credits company leaders with inspiring her each and every day to put her best foot forward.

Beyond this representation, Chelsie is also empowered through the streamlined channels of communication at JC&A. She emphasizes how voicing her career goals has led her to projects that she never thought possible. Her willingness to speak up has led her to join the Life Sciences division and subsequently, their lab projects.

“Knowing that they trust me to work with such informed/important clients shows that they trust me to meet any and all expectations,” she said, “Lastly, the constant feedback from my Superiors and open communication is what has helped me grow.”

The JC&A Way has many meanings depending on who you ask but for Chelsie, it aligns with collaboration and the support system she is surrounded by. She has been deeply impacted firsthand by the gestures and workplace attitudes of those around her. This has been something that has allowed her to grow as a Project Manager and feel confident in her role.

“The JC&A Way means “teamwork” to me. I find everyone is so willing to help one another out at JC&A and it makes work more enjoyable when your coworkers are supportive. I also enjoy helping others learn and teaching people to use their resources,” she said, “So many coworkers have taken time out of their days to help train me or teach me something I didn’t fully understand. Knowing I can always reach out to my coworkers and mentors for guidance helps build my confidence each day at JC&A.”


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JC&A is pleased to announce our new class of summer interns. Our firm is committed to mentoring and developing the next generation of industry leaders. Within the Operations department, these seven interns will learn from the fast-paced and dynamic field of commercial construction management. In addition, the internship will offer them exposure to both the field and administrative aspects of commercial projects.

We look forward to working with these incredible young people throughout the summer!



Chris is currently enrolled at Skidmore College, majoring in Business Management.

While at Skidmore, Chris spent three years playing on the Men’s Lacrosse Team, where he was named Captain during his junior year. He also volunteered for Umbrella of the Capital Region in his free time, providing free landscaping services for the elderly in low-income homes. Chris’s passion for construction management stems from a life of building things with his dad on his family farm. Construction management perfectly matched his business degree and a love for building.

Chris enjoys hunting, fishing, ATVing, and woodworking in his free time. At JC&A, Chris is looking to gain valuable experience in the construction industry and learn as much as possible from the people he works with in the office and the field.



Robert is entering his Junior year at UMass Boston, majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Finance. Robert is a full-time student and could not be happier that his first internship was with JC&A. Over the years, Robert’s father has gone from the political side of life sciences to the real estate side of the life sciences industry–and learning from his father has influenced Robert over the years.

In his downtime, Robert’s favorite thing is to enjoy time with friends and watch sports. This summer, he hopes to accomplish learning many life lessons and gain some real experience here in the workforce.



Trevor is currently enrolled at Wentworth Institute of Technology for Architecture. As a full-time student, he wrapped up his first year making the Dean’s list for academics and various design projects. Trevor’s passion for design and construction began in high school where he took his first class in AutoCAD and architecture.

Trevor likes to spend his free time taking road trips with his friends and learning new languages. He hopes to get a better understanding of construction management and to expand his social network while at JC&A.



John Lambert is currently enrolled at UMass Amherst and is majoring in building construction technology.

While enrolled as a full-time student, John earned his LEED green associate certification, his OSHA 10 certification, and plays club lacrosse. John has worked at a  golf course and an irrigation company; however, his passion for construction comes from hearing about his recently retired Grandpa’s career in the construction industry.

During John’s free time, he enjoys fishing, golfing, hiking, and skiing. This summer, John hopes to get a good sense of what role he would like to pursue in the construction industry after he graduates next spring.



Lucas is currently enrolled at Syracuse University with marketing and management majors.

While enrolled as a full-time student, Lucas worked in food services at the University. Growing up, Lucas had always worked in the construction industry during the summer and thought it would be exciting and essential to see things from the management perspective. This desire for continuous learning led him to JC&A last summer, and it was such a rewarding experience that he decided to apply again this year.

In his spare time, he enjoys golf; whether on the range or the real course, he loves just being out there and swinging the clubs. This summer, he hopes to continue to meet and network with leaders around the company and expand his network as much as possible.



Joe Murtha is currently enrolled at Tufts University majoring in economics and minoring in entrepreneurship.

While at Tufts, Joe plays on the Men’s Lacrosse Team and was named a captain for his senior season. He will be returning for another semester and playing one more season for the Jumbos, due to a season being cancelled from Covid-19.

In the past Joe has worked as a lacrosse coach, waiter, and an intern for a commodity brokerage company. He is interested in construction management  because of strong team culture that is required to be successful. He hopes to learn as much as possible about the industry and expand his network.

In his free time he loves to golf and watch college football.



We were introduced to Linoy through The Commercial Real Estate Success Training (CREST) internship program. CREST is a paid internship program designed to introduce people of color and women, both of whom are typically underrepresented, to the commercial real estate industry.

Linoy is currently enrolled at UMass Amherst with a primary major in building and construction technology and a secondary major in economics. She is fluent in Hebrew, Russian, English, and Spanish.

While enrolled as a full-time student, Linoy has worked as a Teacher Assistant at UMass Amherst for a building and construction technology class and organized the Building and Construction Technology special lecture series. In addition, Linoy has interned at National Lumber and participated in the MiQ learning labs.

Construction, Finance, and Project Management have always been her passion due to constantly being surrounded by professionals in the field. During her free time, Linoy enjoys skiing with her family and friends, and she spends most of her summer with her family on Cape Cod, MA. During her time at JC&A, she hopes to achieve new goals and learn as much as possible about the construction industry.



We are pleased to welcome back Bryce Visnick as an Intern following his internship with the firm last summer. Bryce Visnick is currently a senior enrolled at Tufts University with a degree in civil engineering. While enrolled at Tufts as a full-time student, Bryce won the 2019 division 3 national championship with Tufts men’s soccer and worked around campus for College Movers Boston.

His passion for construction-related tasks comes from an internship that he worked during high school that dealt with construction and civil engineering, as well as from a family of architects. During his free time, he enjoys watching, playing soccer, and hiking. During his time at JC&A, he hopes to learn how to better communicate ideas in his field and build good relationships with the people around him.

For the Sixth Consecutive Year, JC&A is named by the Boston Business Journal as a Best Place to Work

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For the sixth consecutive year, the Boston Business Journal has named J. Calnan & Associates (JC&A) to its 2022 Best Places to Work, an exclusive ranking of the Massachusetts companies that have built outstanding work environments for their people. The 80 companies honored in 2022 range in size and industry, with winners from the technology sector, retail industry, health care space, commercial real estate, and more.

“Our team is thrilled to be recognized for the sixth consecutive year as one of the best places to work by the Boston Business Journal,” said CEO Jay Calnan. At JC&A, it’s always been about our people, our clients, and our community.  Every day we strive to focus on and improve our work environment and experience, and this award is indicative of that ongoing commitment.  We’re proud to have so many dedicated, hard-working people, and we look forward to continuing to support each other, our clients, and our community.”

JC&A is honored to be distinguished as number three on this listing and was selected from a pool of 181 companies that met office, location, and size criteria and participated in employee-engagement surveys distributed by Business Journal partner Quantum Workplace. Employees were asked to rate their work environment, work-life balance, job satisfaction, advancement opportunities, management, compensation, and benefits. Across all of these categories, JC&A has demonstrated an unwavering commitment over two and a half decades to ensuring that its employees feel welcome and supported within the company and positioned for success daily.


A special publication of these rankings also appeared in the June 17th weekly edition of the Boston Business Journal.

JC&A Blog | Meet Ted Presume

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For Ted Presume, one of JC&A’s Assistant Project Managers, our industry is just as much about building communities as it is working on the projects themselves. This is a personal passion for Ted, who moved from Haiti to the United States after witnessing the devastation of the 2010 earthquake. Rather than putting the event behind him, Ted chose to learn more about how communities can rebuild themselves after these circumstances and how he could play a part in that process.

“One of the factors that drew me most to JC&A is the firm’s reputation,” he explained. “After reading about the amazing work this company performs in cities throughout the Northeast, I immediately felt as though JC&A’s values of giving back to the community were perfectly aligned with my own journey. I’ve only been part of the company for less than a year, but I already feel as though I’ve helped to make a difference in the communities that need it most.”

Ted’s journey is an inspirational one, immigrating here in 2011 at age 19 and not speaking much English. Through his unparalleled tenacity and drive, he became well-versed in the language and began taking courses in the maths and sciences–yet another area in which JC&A reflects his own personal interests. Ted has also taken a particular interest in the STEM field, as he continued searching for answers regarding why so many structures collapsed during the 2010 earthquake and how infrastructure could have been improved upon. This search for answers is another contributing factor to his interest in JC&A’s work.

“I came to JC&A to learn more about the world around me, and I’m happy to say that that learning process is still continuing every day. My story is rooted in the desire to help others, and the entire JC&A team has always been willing and able to help me appreciate the importance of construction firms and the role they play in building strong infrastructures and communities. Our work is incredibly important when it comes to building and rebuilding lives and whole communities, and JC&A allows me to take that passion and apply it in new and productive ways. I’m grateful for the countless opportunities to continue learning and growing as a person.”

As an Assistant Project Manager with his own goals and aspirations, “The JC&A Way” has taken on a unique meaning for Ted as it has for all of our team members at JC&A. For Ted, however, “The JC&A Way” is not made up of one moment or activity, but rather more of an experiential term that he believes applies to his daily life both in and out of the office.

“The JC&A Way is more of a sensation for me,” he explained. “I first came to this country knowing little English and learning what I could along the way as quickly as possible. Because of this, I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come, and working at JC&A empowers me to continue feeling that pride every day. I’m proud to stand alongside some of the most hardworking, educated and resourceful coworkers and friends I have ever had, and that is something that I’d only wished was possible back in 2011. I continue to be excited to see what the future holds.”