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JC&A Blog | Meet Ted Presume

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For Ted Presume, one of JC&A’s Assistant Project Managers, our industry is just as much about building communities as it is working on the projects themselves. This is a personal passion for Ted, who moved from Haiti to the United States after witnessing the devastation of the 2010 earthquake. Rather than putting the event behind him, Ted chose to learn more about how communities can rebuild themselves after these circumstances and how he could play a part in that process.

“One of the factors that drew me most to JC&A is the firm’s reputation,” he explained. “After reading about the amazing work this company performs in cities throughout the Northeast, I immediately felt as though JC&A’s values of giving back to the community were perfectly aligned with my own journey. I’ve only been part of the company for less than a year, but I already feel as though I’ve helped to make a difference in the communities that need it most.”

Ted’s journey is an inspirational one, immigrating here in 2011 at age 19 and not speaking much English. Through his unparalleled tenacity and drive, he became well-versed in the language and began taking courses in the maths and sciences–yet another area in which JC&A reflects his own personal interests. Ted has also taken a particular interest in the STEM field, as he continued searching for answers regarding why so many structures collapsed during the 2010 earthquake and how infrastructure could have been improved upon. This search for answers is another contributing factor to his interest in JC&A’s work.

“I came to JC&A to learn more about the world around me, and I’m happy to say that that learning process is still continuing every day. My story is rooted in the desire to help others, and the entire JC&A team has always been willing and able to help me appreciate the importance of construction firms and the role they play in building strong infrastructures and communities. Our work is incredibly important when it comes to building and rebuilding lives and whole communities, and JC&A allows me to take that passion and apply it in new and productive ways. I’m grateful for the countless opportunities to continue learning and growing as a person.”

As an Assistant Project Manager with his own goals and aspirations, “The JC&A Way” has taken on a unique meaning for Ted as it has for all of our team members at JC&A. For Ted, however, “The JC&A Way” is not made up of one moment or activity, but rather more of an experiential term that he believes applies to his daily life both in and out of the office.

“The JC&A Way is more of a sensation for me,” he explained. “I first came to this country knowing little English and learning what I could along the way as quickly as possible. Because of this, I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come, and working at JC&A empowers me to continue feeling that pride every day. I’m proud to stand alongside some of the most hardworking, educated and resourceful coworkers and friends I have ever had, and that is something that I’d only wished was possible back in 2011. I continue to be excited to see what the future holds.”

J. Calnan & Associates Hosts Ribbon Cutting for GCP Technologies

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Wilmington, MA – May 17, 2022 – J. Calnan and Associates (JC&A) one of the largest merit shop construction managers in the Northeast, participated in the ribbon cutting for GCP Technologies on Tuesday, April 19th. GCP, a leading construction products technologies company, is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of construction worldwide and delivering value to its customers through high-performance products that pursue advancements in construction tech.

JC&A provided work on this project from preconstruction through delivery, ultimately converting an ACF laboratory into an Industrial Chemistry lab. Project highlights also include the installation of new environmental testing chambers, a complete reworking of the existing lab footprint and new finishes throughout. Through a collaboration with CiDesign and Avid Engineers, JC&A’s team was able to deliver a 40,000 SF world-class global research and development center at 100 Research Drive at the site in Wilmington, MA.

“We are thrilled to partner with GCP on this project and provide such an expansive scope of work,“ said Chet Braun, JC&A’s Project Executive on the project.  “The JC&A team prides itself on our work in promoting the sciences, and GCP’s work has been vital in bringing some of the most critical scientific developments into the 21st century, advancing strategies that streamline even the most complex of challenges.“

The team also performed upgrades and commissioning to the pH neutralization systems, boiler plants and tepid water systems, installed over 20 fume hoods as well. All lab gasses were also reworked.

JC&A Blog | Meet Sharie Beagle

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While some of the JC&A team members we highlight are encouraged to apply by friends and colleagues, others happen across opportunities and feel drawn to our company. This was the case for Sharie Beagle, one of our Project Accountant Managers, who noticed a JC&A advertisement in a newspaper over 20 years ago.

“I viewed an ad for a Project Account position and immediately knew that it was the perfect job for me,” Sharie said.  I can’t believe I’m here almost 21 years later! It’s awesome that there are so many other teammates at JC&A celebrating similar milestones – it seems rare to find a company that people love enough to still enjoy coming into the office and working with the same team, fifteen, twenty, even twenty-five years in a row.  That really shows you how special JC&A is.

Sharie’s dedication and warm personality have played a key role over her tenure in helping evolve JC&A from a small group of hardworking employees to a big family that has become incredibly close and supportive of one another over the years.

“JC&A knows how to throw a great party, and I’d have to say my favorite event of the year is our End of Year company meeting, where we all gather to share stories, company successes, and accomplishments for the year,” said. “We have a unique team here; everyone is working on an interesting project, but they are also involved in JCAres or Team IMPACT, personal charities like volunteering to foster dogs or coaching Little League… so it’s really fun to be able to catch up with everyone and hear more about what they’ve been doing throughout the year and what they’re most proud of. It’s inspiring.”

Over 20+ years, you can only imagine the projects Sharie has been an instrumental part of, like her work on the Middlesex Savings Bank accounts, Amazon projects, Converse, and Schneider Electric, to name a handful.

“It’s tough to single out only a few of my favorite projects over the past 20 years,” Sharie said. “But it’s the ones that require all team involvement within the company to ultimately exceed client expectations that I truly enjoy being a part of. Just as how it’s great to be able to hear about what my other team members who wear different hats are doing during the End of Year party, it’s possibly even better to see them in action. When we all work together, we’ve truly executed some great projects over the years.”

“One particular moment that I’m very proud of, though, was being recognized for my 20 years of work at JC&A,” she added. “Dedicating 20 years of your life to a company, a career, and a team of people has had a huge impact on me, and it felt so special to know that my loyalty here has impacted all of you.”

“To me, the JC&A Way means working with amongst leaders on quality projects and establishing long-lasting relationships within our community. I’m grateful to have built so many great relationships with both teammates and clients over the years, and I hope there are many more to come!


Boston Real Estate Times Announces Outstanding Women of 2022

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As Vice President of Marketing | Partner at J. Calnan & Associates, Inc., Maureen Rystrom has 20 years of marketing experience in the A/E/C industry. She is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing marketing strategies and communications around brand management, internal and external public relations, industry awards and recognition programs, events, and philanthropic initiatives. As a Partner, Maureen is a member of the senior leadership team at JC&A that drives business development efforts and JC&A’s strategic initiatives, including employee training and development, strategic relationships, technology tools, and overall processes and procedures.

Maureen is highly active in numerous industry organizations. She currently serves as President of CoreNet Global New England Chapter and as a member of the Executive Committee. She also served on the Executive Committee for the Commercial Broker’s Association and was VP of NAIOP’s Marketing and Membership Committee. Maureen is the Co-Founder of PLA!, a community of women in commercial real estate, which has gained tremendous traction for its emphasis on mentoring and philanthropy.

Maureen gives back to the community positively as a proud supporter of Team IMPACT, a national non-profit founded in JC&A’s headquarters whose mission is to connect and cultivate meaningful relationships between college athletic teams and children diagnosed with life-threatening diseases.

She is the proud mother of her three active boys, Adam, Aidan, and Andrew. She and her husband, Adam, live in Lynnfield, MA.




I joined JC&A fifteen years ago. In that time, I have evolved from Marketing Director to Vice President and Partner while growing from a young leader within the CoreNet Global community to now filling the role of CoreNet Global NE President. To say that real estate has changed my life would be an understatement!

From my first meeting at JC&A, I knew that this was a special place – a company and a team focused on building relationships and also – as Benjamin Franklin encouraged – “doing well by doing good.” That passion and philosophy have shaped my career and how I think, act, live and work.  I have been afforded the opportunity to help our firm grow, build relationships with amazing clients in cutting-edge industries, and have even been inspired to create a place specifically for women in the A/E/C industry by co-founding the Professional Ladies Association (PLA!). The relationships I have enjoyed over the years – supporting each other’s achievements and successes and seeing each other grow within our chosen industries – have been incredibly meaningful to me personally and the value they bring professionally is obvious.

Team IMPACT, the nonprofit founded in our JC&A headquarters, is a shining example of “Doing Well by Doing Good.” In just ten years, Team IMPACT has grown from a small local start-up to a national nonprofit that has matched over 3,000 kids across the country with supporting teams from colleges and universities. It may have started at JC&A, but the support of our relationships in the real estate community has catapulted it to where it is today.


Real estate is a perfect industry for a person like me, someone who is always looking for a new challenge and striving to achieve more. While the trends in CRE evolve, so do the goals I set for my team and myself. At JC&A, we pride ourselves on being at the top of our game, from creating thoughtful marketing strategies specific to each of our core markets to cultivating a team of bright and energetic experts in fields like life sciences and technology. We are consistently named a “Best Place to Work”, the highest honor for any company to achieve, regardless of what they do.


Joining JC&A and spending my career engrossed in the Real Estate industry has taught me the value of building relationships with people who inspire you to learn, grow and give back to the community.




Keeping up with the constant evolution and ever-changing advancements in the technology sectors is always a top priority for JC&A. We embrace new tech and work to optimize its usage to support our project teams for more efficient communication and collaboration. This, in turn, improves access to information and transparency for stakeholders.


These advancements and their effectiveness can be seen both in the office and on the job site, where we work to employ cutting-edge tech that maximizes value and ROI for our clients. This commitment to technology can be seen through all facets of JC&A’s business plan.


This past year has been rife with innovation in the life sciences market. New properties support high-tech labs and workspaces, and renovation, retrofitting, and refurbishing existing buildings have spurred the sector towards new and expanded opportunities. JC&A is proud to partner with several premier life science clients, including Acceleron, Dicerna, Quest Diagnostics, Affinia, Fogpharma, Sanofi, Biogen, MassBio, Takeda, Deciphera, Modalis, and Tscan.


In addition to an incredibly active life sciences client base, JC&A has been fortunate to build for several robotics firms, creating dynamic headquarters spaces for both iRobot and Boston Dynamics; and research, development, and manufacturing space for clients including Berkshire Grey and ClearMotion.

Delivering these unique spaces for clients on the front-line of innovative technology allows us to be first in line to learn about and experience incredible inventions that genuinely change the way we work and live. For example, JC&A proudly added two of Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs to our team, and it’s so cool to see them on job sites exploring all the nooks that are too tight or dangerous for our human teammates to go!

JC&A’s extraordinary growth in the industry has been motivated and supported by the development of technology and fueled by our impeccable reputation for providing and constructing quality projects and providing exceptional client service. Whether it be completing a complex laboratory project, a state-of-the-art tech fit-out, or building a ground-up office complex, JC&A is prepared and ready to supply a level of care and attention unmatched in the industry.

Respect, Camaraderie and Teamwork Personify J. Calnan & Associates

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J. Calnan and Associates (JC&A) one of the largest merit shop construction managers in the Northeast, was recently honored by a group of staff Veterans in recognition for the company’s dedication to helping with their transitions to civilian life.

Former Staff Sargent Andre Grant has been a valued member of the JC&A team for nearly a decade, during which time he has also served in the US Army Reserve. Reflecting on the support that JC&A afforded him throughout his career prompted Andre with a desire to show his appreciation by presenting the Partners with a commemorative American flag.

“Many organizations claim to support the troops, and truthfully a lot of them are genuine, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that JC&A’s support is upper level,“ said Grant.  “During my 20 years of service, I can remember only two employers that didn’t require me to use my vacation time for pay when I was doing my annual training or on deployment. I can only remember one that didn’t make me feel guilty about my military commitment, and that’s JC&A.“

During a ceremonial breakfast, several additional Veterans-turned-JCAers were quick to chime in with their own sentiments on how JC&A helped ease their transitions to civilian life.

One Project Superintendent recounted his time in the Army National Guard and noted how impactful of an experience it was for him and the pride he took in his work – aspects that reflect his experience at JC&A. To him, JC&A is a close-knit family with colleagues he can always rely on, just as he did in the military.

This emphasis on camaraderie, respect, and the power of team is what JC&A teammates often cite when they refer to ‘The JC&A Way‘.

The special event took place at JC&A’s Quincy Headquarters, where CEO Jay Calnan remarked, “Gratitude has always been one of the core ingredients of JC&A. Even before we launched Team Impact right here in this space, the core of Team Impact is gratitude and teamwork. These core values that JC&A has had since day one, being grateful for the opportunities that we have… we wouldn’t have these opportunities if we didn’t have people defending our rights, our constitution, defending our ability to get up every day and do what we do. Gratitude in our organization runs deep and we are very, very thankful.”

Team IMPACT – Thank You Letter

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December 7th, 2016 was a defining day for our son Nicholas Cioe and, moreover, for our entire
family. But, to start the story from the beginning we would need to go all the way back to July
25th, 2004. Nicholas arrived bright and early on that glorious day. He wasn’t crying though, nor
would he take his first breath for several minutes (…I’m not sure we exhaled for many more
years). Nick was blue and failed his first few APGAR tests. He eventually came around and we
wondered if we were out of the woods.

This fight, the struggle to simply achieve the expected, would become a familiar thread
throughout Nicholas’s journey. Over time, it was clear that there was a lot going on in his little
body but no one was quite sure what or how to help. There were many trips to multiple
hospitals, more tests, procedures, and evaluations than one could remember. Then the
surgeries started and hospital stays. The inability to verbally communicate or to walk. This
created an anxious child that had missed so much school and did not have a chance to develop
real friendships. All of these factors led to some very dark times and lots of treatment.

The difficult years of elementary school ended and through sheer drive, resiliency, and
determination Nicholas proved everyone wrong. He was not only walking and talking but
excelling in math and had developed a natural curiosity for science. He also grew into a
complete sport’s fanatic! As difficult as it was as parents, we agreed to sign him up for several
teams. Unfortunately, there were either broken bones, too many seizures, or, sadly, the inability
for teammates to accept the kid that had to work a lot harder.

The week middle school started we got a phone call that Team Impact had matched Nick with
the Brown University Men’s Lacrosse team. We had no idea what to expect but we showed up,
as we do. To say that we underestimated the impact the program and the team would have on
Nicholas and our family would be the biggest understatement ever.

That very first day in September, Nick shook Coach Daly’s hand and walked right through the
door, into the locker room, by himself. This was the same 12 year old that preferred me to walk
with him into school each day. I stood there, dumbfounded, trying to compose myself. From that
moment on it felt like we all became part of the Brown LAX family. Nick was included in
everything; practices, lift, team photos, meetings, and games. It was exactly what he needed, to
be embraced as part of a team. To have 40 big brothers checking up on him and genuinely
caring about him. Within 2 weeks Nicholas asked me to wait in the car so he could go into
school on his own. He hasn’t looked back since.

Then came December 7th, 2016, Nicholas’s draft day. Team Impact and the Coaches pulled out
all the stops for our boy. I have never seen him so proud or shine so brightly. Today, almost 6
years later he still proudly shares with anyone who will listen about ‘HIS TEAM’. They have
gotten Nicholas through multiple surgeries with countless facetime calls, hospital visits, texts,
and even some Playstation battles at our house. They encouraged Nick to try wrestling, and
they showed up on his sidelines. They cheered him on with so much pride and love, there
wasn’t a dry eye in the whole gym, and every classmate was in awe. Just what Nick needed.
Nicholas rarely misses a game and the team rarely misses a chance to cheer him on. There
have been many times we’ve come to pick him up and the team is doing Nick’s post-op
stretches with him or cheering him on through a push-up competition. I wish I could adequately
put into words how this team has built Nick’s self-esteem. How they seamlessly recognize his
abilities and encourage him. The stellar example of drive, commitment, and respect they set
forth. It is not lost on us that all of this takes time and energy, something that is a high
commodity on a D1 team at Ivy League school and our gratitude is endless. They have not only
helped to mold a compassionate, respectful, loyal, and resilient young man, they have changed
his life, something we hope that many more children have the opportunity to experience.

Nicholas has shared some sentiments as well-
“I can’t imagine not having the team in my life. I feel like I’m a different person because of
everything they have done for me. The guys got me through so much. COVID was really tough
at first and they were there for me every minute. One time I had to have a procedure that was
really painful and I needed to stay awake for it. I facetimed with Jake Newsome for a bit and he
was so great. He really helped me stay calm. Then some of the other guys found out and called
me from their trip in Spain. It was the middle of the night for them but they were all there for me.
I really don’t think I could have done it without them.

Being able to be with the guys at games and practices means everything to me. I love cheering
them on and getting them hyped. It’s so awesome seeing them achieve so much and being able
to be part of it. I keep in touch with a lot of the guys that have already graduated and that’s been
great too. I am so thankful for everything and can’t imagine my life without my team!”

With hearts full of thanks and gratitude,
Nicholas Cioe
and Kevin, Laura, and Claudia too

J. Calnan & Associates Delivers Repositioning at Multi-Tenanted Lab Building

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J. Calnan and Associates (JC&A)a leading construction management firm in the Northeast specializing in world-class preconstruction services and challenging construction projects, recently completed work to reposition an existing office building into a multi-tenanted lab building. JC&A executed this project in collaboration with Hilco Redevelopment Partners, architectural firm Ci Design, and Avid Engineers. The building is located at 43 Foundry Avenue.

The building’s tenants include Affinia Therapeutics, a gene therapy company devoted to discovering and developing breakthrough medicines to transform patient lives, and Modalis, an emerging biotech company that develops therapeutics using CRISPR-based technology. Notable improvements included ballroom labs, tissue culture rooms, freezer farms, an animal care facility, conference rooms, and cafes.

“Projects like 43 Foundry are of critical importance due to the life-saving work that is performed at companies such as Affinia Therapeutics and Modalis daily,“ said Jim Cahill, President and Partner of JC&A. “JC&A is honored to be considered among the top builders in the Northeast‘s growing Life Sciences community. We have a lot of exciting work happening right now for some of the biggest names in Bioscience and have cultivated a team of experts to deliver these projects that we are proud of.“

In addition to other improvements, all lab-specific MEP equipment such as supply and exhaust air handlers, generators, boiler plants, energy recovery systems, and PH neutralization systems were sized to meet tenant-specific requirements. This dedication to serving clients‘ specific needs further indicates JC&A’s expertise and ability to execute projects swiftly and with precision.


Peter Luciano, Director, Operations and Facilities at Affinia Therapeutics said, “Working with the JC&A team from preconstruction through closeout has been a great experience. They helped us plan, budget, and deliver a project on time and budget. As we came across unique challenges, the JC&A team had solutions, and their experience helped us make informed decisions throughout the project. The end product is phenomenal, and working with the JC&A has been a great collaborative experience.“

JC&A Blog | Meet Jon Meier

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For Senior Project Manager Jonathan Meier, the JC&A Way means doing whatever it takes to get the job done. This is a mantra that Jon has held even prior to his employment with JC&A and continues to exemplify through both his work and his personal pursuits.

“The JC&A Way means that it’s crunch time,” he said. “It means having your hair on fire, and it can be as simple as calling that subcontractor you’re working with, having them know your company and understand that as a team you are going to do whatever you can to ensure the job is a success.”

This commitment to his craft was on display prior to his 17-year tenure at JC&A. Before joining our team, Jon had taken a year off from construction management to finish building his own house, utilizing trade expertise and knowledge he had gained as a Field Engineer, Assistant Superintendent and Assistant Project Manager. All but the countertops remained before Jon accepted a Project Manager position at JC&A.

“On day 1, I ran straight into Rick Borden, and it’s kind of funny that Rick and I still sit about six feet away from each other to this day,” Jon laughed. “I also remember that on my first day, the truck hauling the granite for my countertops arrived unannounced.  Not only did I feel like I made the right move for my career and family, but my family handled the install, and I came home to a completed house.”

Jon’s time at JC&A has been spent working on a variety of projects for clients like Ocean Spray, SunLife and the Skating Club of Boston.  Now a Senior Project Manager, he cites his proudest moments as those when a client has called back for help working on their next project.

“Experiencing a client wanting to work on a subsequent project with you is extremely rewarding,” he said. “It’s a testament to having worked hard and given them a reason to ask for our help on their next endeavor.”

In terms of his family life, Jon’s family has also been positively impacted by JC&A. Two of his three children and three step children , Jacqueline and Michelle, have both received the JC&A Memorial Scholarship, a scholarship established to honor the lives of JC&A Superintendents Stephen Terrenzi, Jim Gunning and George Smith. The JC&A Memorial Scholarship is funded through various JC&A events, donations and Partners, and focuses on rewarding children and/or dependents of JC&A employees for their commitment to academic achievement and consistent civic and community involvement.


JC&A Blog | Meet Christie Muilenburg

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The decision to join JC&A comes about differently for each one of our team members. While some may spend months or even years deciding whether they are ready to take the next step in their careers, others are drawn to our family immediately. The latter was the case with Christie Muilenburg, a Project Manager at JC&A who felt an immediate connection to the JC&A family and knew right away that she had found her new home.

“JC&A was actually a last-minute recommendation to me by a local recruiter after I had already decided on another company in Boston,” Christie says. “I knew immediately after meeting with Jimmy, Chet and Dave that JC&A is where I needed to be.”

Christie, who joined JC&A one year ago as an Assistant Project Manager and was recently promoted to Project Manager, made the brave decision to move to Boston without knowing anyone in the area.  As such, she was able to find a particularly special kinship with her JC&A coworkers–many of whom have now become her first friends and family away from home. As a result, Christie’s team members are particularly important to her and a consistent reminder of why she continues to put her best foot forward every day.

“That’s essentially what “The JC&A Way” means to me–working hard for my team because they’re doing the same for me,” she explained. “It means providing the best experience possible for clients, coworkers and acquaintances, because I know firsthand that the relationships you make truly matter. It means going to work Monday-Friday knowing that I have the tools and support to be successful in this career.”

In addition to the close relationship Christie enjoys with her colleagues, her JC&A career has also consisted of other special moments. One example is her participation in the client interview for 880 Winter Street during her time as an Assistant Property Manager:

“It’s not often that an APM gets the opportunity to prepare for and partake in project interviews–especially for projects as large and complex as 880 Winter Street,” she said. “I would say it’s the proudest moment of my JC&A career so far, and I’m immensely grateful to the entire team for the effort and dedication they have for this project.”

For this reason, it comes as no surprise that Christie counts 880 Winter Street as among her favorite projects. Others include Enbridge and Acceleron, during which projects she worked with teams including Garrett Zetocha, Chet Braun, Steve Copeland, Chelsie Gilbert, Molly Gates, Ryan McDonald and Steve Gavin.

In addition to the outstanding work that Christie and her coworkers do, Christie is also particularly proud of JC&A’s philanthropic efforts.

“Our team puts a tremendous amount of thought and effort into the charities and events that JC&A continues to participate in,” she said. “JC&A encourages employees to contribute on a higher level than just donating money, and involvement comes from every level of the company. This makes a real difference in creating a work environment based on kindness and compassion.”

JC&A Blog | Meet Kensley Beaucejour

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Kensley Beaucejour joined J. Calnan & Associates’ team as an Assistant Project Manager in February of 2020–a particularly volatile time for many industries. However, after over a year of career and personal growth, Kensley has no regrets.

“Honestly, when COVID-19 hit while I was still a newbie, I certainly didn’t think that I’d be getting this far,” he says. “I clearly thought wrong. It warms my heart every day knowing that despite all of the craziness currently happening in the world, I get to be part of such a great family.”

The JC&A family, however, is not what initially drew Kensley to our firm. Nor was it our annual Christmas Party, which he now lists as his favorite JC&A tradition. Following his prior work as an Assistant Project Manager and Construction Manager at Manganaro North America, Kensley found himself particularly intrigued by the wide variety of projects JC&A takes on. Over the past 25 years, our firm has built itself up to be one of the best construction management firms in the Northeast, tackling a wide variety of projects that have helped shape cities and communities throughout. So far, Kensley has had the opportunity to work on some of these projects himself, citing Berkshire Grey and Moody’s Investments as among his favorites.

Where Kensley’s passion truly lies, however, is in improving the lives of those around him–and learning how to better himself along the way. This is reflected in his own interpretation of “The JC&A Way:”

“To me, The JC&A Way is an informative mindset and environment that’s markedly unique and different from anything else I’ve experienced,” he says. “Being a part of the JC&A family and growing from within that family has allowed me to improve my character and how I see things in a way that expands far beyond the workplace.”

His commitment to helping others is far from just talk; Kensley also helped found and serves as Co-CEO of the KOLS Foundation, a group dedicated to aiding in the development of children around the world, most recently in Haiti and Guinea. After moving to the United States following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Kensley’s focus on assisting those other than himself has become a significant part of every aspect of his life.

“I would say I’m ultimately most passionate about helping the less fortunate,” he says. “I’d like to achieve my fullest potential, and for me that means bringing people together to build homes/communities and participating and contributing to all aspects of life.”

Today, that dedication to building communities has led Kensley to JC&A, where he complements his work at KOLS by working to build homes, communities, and shelters throughout the country. With his expertise, determination and passion for his work, Kensley is and always will be a cherished addition the JC&A family, and we’re proud to work alongside him as he continues his personal mission of being a force for good.