Rock Eisenheim, General Superintendent

As General Superintendent, Rock Eisenheim is responsible for the constant development of the overall management and coordination of all field operations from the onset to the completion of the project. His responsibilities include delegation of the field labor personnel, subcontractor coordination in the field, material delivery control, maintaining the overall Project schedule and updates as well as short interval scheduling and the implementation of the corporate safety plan. He works closely with the Building officials and all their Departments/ Boards through the Permitting Phase and acts as a liaison between the Owner/Architect and the Town as well as any Neighborhood groups that may have concerns on the Project.

Rock has experience in a variety of construction projects throughout his 25 years in the construction industry. He is responsible for customer satisfaction and meets with architects, engineers and subcontractors on a regular basis to coordinate all fieldwork and implement all applicable building codes while maintaining cost and quality control.

Rock lives in Arlington, MA with his wife, Jenn and 4 children, Avery, Nate, Fae and Pete.

Quincy, MA
New York, NY