Burlington, MA Project Highlights:

  • A unique fit-out project of the new world headquarters for Color Kinetics (recently purchased by Philips), the leader in design/manufacturing of LED fixtures. The project consisted of renovations to two floors. The fourth floor included primarily office space and testing/development areas. The first floor hosted a vibrant and flexible use showroom as well as a prototype manufacturing space. The schedule was greatly accelerated with hi-level coordination between the architect, engineer, and lighting consultant to accommodate additions to the project scope towards the completion of the project.  No incandescent bulbs were used in this project. Half of the $3 million dollar lighting package consisted of LED lights.

New York, NY Project Highlights:

  • JC&A worked closely with the owner and architect (Sasaki) to value engineer project cost down 22% to meet budget.  The project had an aggressive 8-week schedule with a hard end date for a public viewing.  We coordinated with the owner to install over 500 of their lighting products. The entire space is lit using LED lights.
  • JC&A also worked with Sasaki to successfully complete an out-of-state project in downtown Manhattan where JC&A lifted a Stop-Work order put on by NYC inspectional services due to a previous contractor. JC&A obtained a new building permit in NYC in a two week time frame.
Quincy, MA
New York, NY