Project Highlights:

  • The new 32,000 SF space at 200 Minuteman offers Philips a new office environment that embraces an alternative workplace strategy and an open and efficient floor plan promoting collaborative work. The design provides opportunities for interaction and collaboration while offering staff the flexibility and mobility they need to do their jobs, leveraging both technology and dynamic office design to create a livable and workable space.

  • With no private offices, Philips’ open workspace features 200 individual work settings for 240 employees in a “free addressing” concept. The flexibility and adaptability of each work setting also allows employees to migrate from desk-to-desk depending on workflow, projects, and accessibility to other team members in the office. To promote collaboration and interaction, the open workspace is arranged in seven “neighborhoods” that house four clusters of six work settings with adjacent support spaces that include meeting rooms, filew areas, and phone booths.

Quincy, MA
New York, NY