Project Highlights:

  • This multiphased project over a 77 week duration involved the renovation and “face lift” of 320,000 SF of the PTC campus in Needham, MA which spans multiple floors and buildings. Simultaneous construction zones will have the campus undertaking an incredibly detailed re-stacking program. The campus restack will require a phased approach that ensures uninterrupted business operations. The restack was constrained by the need to defer major activities until the sublets became available to allow staging areas and logistical relief.
  • Included in the overall project were new Software Labs, a Data Center and general office space renovations, amounting in large amounts of new usuable space. The net reclaimed 15,000 SF of lab space will be converted to general office use and programmed according to various department requirements.
  • Various departments have also been reconfigured in an effort to maximize space efficiency.
Quincy, MA
New York, NY