Project Highlights:

  • Due to the Multi-Phased nature of the project and many concealed conditions, the project required a broad construction team to manage multiple phases/ projects ongoing at the same time.
  • The existing construction type at the Waltham facility consistently kept the team on their toes. Using the latest technology methods, the team quickly and easily made key decisions related to the design, schedule and cost to keep the project moving forward and on schedule; in multiple phases at-one-time.
  • The complete project is comprised of an overall consolidation plan for Olympus NDT which includes many moves and a construction and yield up project at three separate facilities in Newton, Waltham and Woburn.
  • JC&A managed all elements of construction including purchase and coordination of trades typically controlled by Building Owner and Tenant (Tel/Data, Security and Pre-Manufactured Clean-Room).
Quincy, MA
New York, NY