Project Highlights:

  • Three and a half month, fast-tracked construction project to convert 45,000 SF of vacant office and lab space to a new, cutting edge Biology lab for Joule’s advancing technology platform Liquid Fuel from the SunTM.
  • Installation of a 110 Ton MUAU. Make-Up Air Unit for Laboratory operation; Conversion of (3) Existing RTU to Automated Control systems; Installation of (2) High Plume Exhaust Fans to service various Fume Hoods throughout the facility; Several new CV, FPT and VAVs were added to the building along refurbishing existing units to except new Automated control system; VRAC system was added for condition of some of the labs and autoclaves.
  • Installation of a RODI and pH neutralization system. This processed included a Design Assist approach to the installation of a sub-grade secondary containment system which was excavated and installed in the existing building footprint.
  • Detailed value engineering process for Joule to ensure efficiency and effectiveness mirrored well with the project budget. High End, Modern finishes through the completely renovated space. Upgraded Electrical and Gas Services to the Building.
Quincy, MA
New York, NY