Project Highlights:

  • Interior fit-out for Amadeus North American Headquarters.
  • Working with VCA and WB, the team created a space that would accommodate for each specific function of Amadeus’ large staff, all within one large, open space plan.
  • Highlights include custom designed ceiling and lighting fixtures, which are all one of a kind, emphasizing the notion of individuality within a three hundred plus person environment. These unique ceilings and lighting designs also act as way finding devices to guide users throughout the office while reinforcing global branding.
  • Additionally, the team also fit out a 4,000 square-foot multi-function community space featuring a large employee lounge, a game room, and a diverse coffee center that reflects the global presence and culture of the Amadeus staff. The uses for the great room range from a daily lunch and break room for the Amadeus staff, to an event space for the company.
Quincy, MA
New York, NY