2021 marks our 25th year in business and as we look back on a quarter of a century of success, none of it would have been possible without you – our clients, partners, friends, family, and colleagues. This journey has been incredible, and we want to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to those of you who made it possible for us to become one of the best construction management firms in the Northeast. For us, it has always been about people, projects, and community.

THE EARLY YEARS: 1996 - 2006

In 1996, Jay Calnan, possessing a vision for a customer-centric construction management firm and background in engineering, cashed in his 401K to quietly launch J. Calnan & Associates. He helped build the successful organization from the ground up while never losing sight of who he is and the importance of always giving back.

YEARS OF GROWTH: 2007 - 2016

JC&A’s launch and success is the story of a bold entrepreneur. But also paramount to the success story are the 130 compassionate, hardworking professionals who now make the company the best in the business. It started with JC&A’s first employee, Barry Ledin. A stellar core group of partners was also assembled in Jim Cahill, President; Mike Crowther, Chief Operating Officer; Tim Kelly, Chief Financial Officer; and Steve Robak, Executive Vice President. And with a foundation of hard work, perseverance, and sound decision-making, they assembled a winning roster recruited for their level of professionalism and history of hard work, integrity, and unselfish teamwork.

PRESENT: 2017 to Today

After 25 years of amazing projects, continuous growth and a commitment to giving back, we are still just getting started. And most important in the reflection of a quarter of a century is the gratitude for all who participated, enabled, mentored, challenged and motivated the us along the way. JC&A is proud to build much more than commercial spaces—the projects that fuel commerce. Equally important are the people and relationships that we build through our holistic mission.

“I was continually impressed with the professionalism of the JC&A crew as well as the ‘team spirit’ attitude that we were collectively serving a common client, and that as a team, we would exceed all expectations. It was indeed a pleasure to work with you all and I look forward to the next time I can be part of the team.”

- Ed Dondero, Biogen
“Your team never faltered and pulled this off with all the major items we required to move in. Along the way they accommodated the majority of our change requests on the fly, again while meeting a tight timeline. Throughout the entire project they were professional, approachable, and truly “teamed” with us on our project. As a fast growing company, we want to work with companies that work at our pace and your team certainly did.”

- Carbon Black, Inc
“The comments and reactions to the transformation of this space have been amazing! The process and eventual outcome of this challenging project could not have been realized without the commitment and support from your team. This was a challenging project on several levels, but with the professionalism and expertise of your team we absolutely exceeded expectations.”

- Philips
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JC&A is known for our trademark ‘We Build…®’ philosophy, referring to the building of great teams, award winning projects, lasting relationships, and our community. In reflecting on our 25 years of success and how we achieved it, we are incredibly proud of what it means to say, ‘We Build…® The JC&A Way.’ We look forward to celebrating ‘The JC&A Way’ with all of you who have made it possible for us to become one of the best construction management firms in the Northeast!

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