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By April 25, 2014News

4/25/2014, Quincy, MA — JC&A, CBT Architects and Vanderweil Engineers recently announced the completion of the new headquarters for the technology performance company, Compuware Corporation. When Compuware acquired two local software companies, they determined that they would merge the three separate offices into one location at 404 Wyman Street in Waltham, MA. This merger resulted in nearly 70,000 square feet of interior renovations lending the company its new design focus. This revamped office now serves as the baseline for Compuware’s brand identity and design platform for future spaces.

The new office accommodates 350 employees and includes: a network operating center (NOC) which is the focal point of the new space; polished concrete floors throughout the receptions and main corridors; two outdoor spaces and a central café/town center which provides Compuware with a meeting / gathering space for all employees.

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Maureen Rystrom
Director of Marketing
J. Calnan & Associates, Inc.




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