J. Calnan & Associates: Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

By November 6, 2010News

11/6/2010, Quincy, MA — J. Calnan & Associates, Inc., one of New England’s leading construction management firms specializing in world-class pre-construction services and challenging construction projects, recently participated in the IIDA’s Annual Fashion Show as the first construction management firm to ever do so.

This year’s theme was “revolution” and as such, each team is required to create their fashion designs based on their concept only using products supplied by their vendors. JC&A partnered with MDesigns, Color Kinetics, Parksite and Sherwin Williams to showcase the lifecycle of the construction industry. The entry demonstrated how J. Calnan & Associates is leading the charge by continuously evolving to exceed client expectations and raising the bars to embrace the limitless possibilities of today’s information age. The designs illustrated how the industry has evolved from the traditional hands-on iron worker of the 1950’s to the more polished, safety conscious worker of the 1980’s to the modern career woman and new technologies of today…..and beyond.

Using paint cans, drops cloths, Tyvek, LED lights and fan decks, the team was able to bring their concept to life while making a great first impression on the design community.

About J. Calnan & Associates, Inc.
Founded in 1996, J. Calnan & Associates, Inc. (JC&A), is one of New England’s leading construction management firms specializing in pre-construction services and challenging construction projects. JC&A provides world-class services to select high-profile clients in the corporate, private school and healthcare/life science markets. JC&A’s reputation has earned assignments from select clients including New England Sports Network (NESN), Partners Healthcare, Reebok International, The TJX Companies, Inc., Biogen, PUMA, iRobot, Warner Brothers, The MathWorks, General Electric, and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Among recent awards, JCA has received a Boston Business Journal Citizenship award for its philanthropic efforts four years in a row; Boston SF recognized JC&A as “Construction Firm of the Year;” and the Ohio Casualty Group presented JC&A with the Platinum Safety Award for an outstanding safety record for the second time in two years. More information can be found at www.jcalnan.com

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